Manual of Doctrine and Government

Since its beginnings over 200 years ago, the Brethren in Christ, as a faith community, has produced a number of statements on doctrine, structure, and organization. In the preparation and approval of each successive statement, the desire of the Church has been to have our life and practice based on the word of God. This Manual of Doctrine and Government is intended to promote spirituality, unity, and cooperation in our quest for piety and obedience. United in our common purpose, we seek to follow Jesus Christ as Lord of the Church.

The Manual of Doctrine and Government has three main components: The "Constitution" presents the basic outline of our purpose, belief, structure, and function. The "Articles of Faith and Doctrine" express our doctrinal stance. The "Bylaws" provide guidelines for our life together in the Church.

We shall continue to keep this Manual relevant as we seek to fulfill our purpose “to foster a fellowship of believers whose objective is to worship and obey the triune God and to proclaim His gospel to all people.”

Please Note: we are currently finishing the 2016 edition of the Manual of Doctrine and Governemt and will make it available here as soon as possible.