One of the prime indicators of what God wants to do in the future is what He is already doing and saying in our midst. His activity among us now helps us to imagine—by the Spirit—what is to come.

In this past decade, the BIC in North America started over 100 new churches. God has set us on a trajectory for growth and He intends for us to keep expanding. God has blessed us with a measure of diversity, not as much as we could have, to be sure, but enough to point us in a direction. God clearly wants to shape us into a multi-textured, multi-colored mosaic of churches, increasingly enriched by different cultures and ethnicities.

Above all, God is calling us to be a dynamic movement of His Spirit in which transformed lives are normal and expected in all our churches.


Taken together, God is calling the BIC Church in North America by 2020 to be an expanding mosaic of churches, all seeing lives transformed by Jesus Christ.


God is calling the Brethren in Christ to reassert the primary purpose of the Church as developing earnest, lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. This means that we, in turn, must actively call one another—seekers and believers alike—to move forward, to take these next steps in the spiritual life:

  • Follow Jesus
  • Grow in Christ-likeness
  • Serve others
  • Go to all people


We Brethren in Christ aspire to be a community of believers that sees lives changed wherever we live, work, and worship. At every level of church life, we envision sustained concentration on three strategic priorities:

  • Multiply sites for life change
  • Equip leaders for transformation
  • Send workers for witness and service


It is time to take action. The task before all of us together, with God, is to create an expanding mosaic of churches, all seeing lives transformed by Jesus Christ.

The work will not be easy. The costs of our commitments will certainly be high. But as we pursue the Transformation 2020 vision, God will make of us a Church that can proclaim with confidence,



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