BIC Bible Quizzing


What is Bible quizzing?

Simply stated, it is a structure that motivates young people to learn God's word, work together, and expand their horizons. Teams compete on a regular basis as a regional conference, as they enjoy fellowship, fun, and Christ-centered competition.

Who can participate in Bible quizzing?

Young people ages 12 to 19 from across the BIC are invited to be involved in Bible quizzing. Please refer to the Team Requirements portion of the Bible Quizzing Rule Book (see section B.4) for the official age specifications.

What benefits are there to participating in Bible quizzing?

Bible quizzing is a great way to encourage young people to study the Scriptures. Through quizzing they experience a fellowship commitment with their own team, their competitors, and, most importantly, with Jesus Christ.

How does a quiz meet work?

As questions are read by the quizmaster, teams jump up from quiz seats that electronically determine the quizzer who is up first. The winner of the jump can score points by correctly answering the question. Teamwork, knowledge, strategy, and physical skill are all attributes of a good quiz team. The quiz season culminates in regional playoffs and championship quizzing, the best of which compete at the denominational level each summer.

What material is studied?

Competition for a given quiz season covers the book or books specified by the Quiz Cycle for that year. Each week, new material is studied, allowing participants to grow in understanding as they work their way through the book or books.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in starting a Bible Quiz Team at your church, it is best to contact the regional director of your Conference to begin. They can help you understand the schedule and structure of the regional quizzing you will be involved in. If your Conference does not currently participate in quizzing, you may contact the nearest regional director or the denominational director at

Where can I order materials & equipment for my quiz team?

NIV (2011 version) Bible Quizzing portions and study materials can be ordered from Acme Bible Quizzing. Quizzing lights may be available from your Regional Quiz Director. Please contact your conference quiz director or the denominational director here.