Prayer Focus - 3.22.17

Ask the Lord for rain in the springtime; it is the Lord who makes the storm clouds. He gives showers of rain to men, and plants of the field to everyone.” Zech. 10:1


Pray for the Atlantic Regional Conference annual meeting to be held this Saturday at Souderton (Pa.) BIC Church. The theme is “The Risk of Love” and attendees will be asked to share some things that the risk of love has led them to do in their church, family or individual life. Ask God’s wisdom for Bishop Bryan Hoke as he leads the meeting. Pray that everyone who attends will be encouraged by the faith of others and the work that God is doing in the conference.


Pray for the Theological Study Group meeting tomorrow from 9:00 to noon at the BIC U.S. Offices (Mechanicsburg, Pa.). Pray for wisdom for presenter Harvey Payne, BIC child psychologist of Greencastle, Pa. as he speaks. The topic will be “Teaching Biblical Chastity in an Age of Sexual Freedom.” Ask for encouragement for our pastors and other leaders as they consider this responsibility.


Pray for God’s comfort for the family, friends and former co-workers of Eva Mae Melhorn Brubaker who passed away at Messiah Village on March 13. Eva Mae served as a missionary teacher in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) for more than 20 years. As her many former students hear of her passing, pray that they will give God thanks and renew their determination to follow her godly example.

Global Church

Pray for Jon Hand (Director of Leadership Development) and Christa Hesselink (Director of Next Gen Engagement) as they facilitate a leadership event, “The Inner Life of an Effective Leader” at The Meeting House, Oakville, ON next Wednesday. Ask for deep commitment to the leadership of the Spirit of God.

Pray for Weston and Jess Martin as they continue to get to know neighbors with whom they shared Christmas cookies in their Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis. They were amazed as they met Kenyans, Somalians, Ecuadorians, Mexicans, people from other parts of Latin America, African Americans and also “white folks.” Pray that their young son Simeon will be a link with other families as they pursue a biblical vision for reconciled diversity.

World Missions

Praise God that T M has returned safely from his sensitive area of service and reports an excellent time of making contacts and filming videos. Praise God for the better-organized production crew. Pray for those representing CNN and Hollywood who met with T and heard his focus. Pray for the fellow actor with whom T had amazing spiritual fellow-ship. Praise God for renewed energy and emotional health. Pray for healing for S and for clear direction for the future.

Praise God for safe travel for Orville and Cheryl Hade in Mozambique and ask that this continue. Pray for the women as they sew for orphans using materials Cheryl brought back from her visit to the U.S. Ask direction for the purchase of a good generator. Pray for the first of five three-week training courses for pastors for 2017, beginning with those from Niassa province. Ask for wisdom for Bisani, Simon and Patricio as they lead the teaching in the Chewa language.

Pray for the church in Cuba as the more recently appointed bishop, Luis Alberto Bermudez, makes the central training institute his headquarters. Ask for wisdom as he works at learning his role while facing numerous serious challenges. Pray for the board of directors as they make changes in organization. Pray that the congregations will be supportive and that there will be resources to run the church.

Praise God that the Alpha Course continues in Zambia despite the heavy storm that hit on the first night. Pray for the Spurriers and the Books as they lead. Pray for the pastor of Macha Church and two youth leaders who are attending to see if it would be good to do the course with the youth. Pray for two volunteer interns accepted by the chaplains at Macha Hospital for mentoring and encouragement. Pray that both will complete training at Sikalongo Bible Institute.

Pray for Paul and Anita Pawelski as Paul continues to work with One Mission in Latin America. Pray that he will be able to learn the details and motivations of the Ecuadorian church so he can interact well there. Ask for good personal relationships with each leader of an Ecuadorian church planting movement. Pray also for wisdom as he works with local leaders to identify clear next steps in new Spanish church multiplication projects in the United States.

Pray for leaders of our BIC churches in Kenya as they desire to be trained in biblical doctrine. Pray for former Zambian bishop Enock and Lastinah Shamapani as they serve as teachers and advisors. Ask God to bless relationships with local church leaders, raise up more leaders and bring growth and maturity in the churches.

Duane and Dianne Bristow at the Navajo Mission ask prayer that the students in Nizhóni Academy will finish the school year well and that no one will need summer school. Registration for the new school year begins soon. Pray that more children will enroll for the younger grades. Pray for Martin and Sylvia Juarez as they leave the mission and return to Texas after serving for three years in bookkeeping and maintenance. Pray for a couple to take their place.

Jonathan and Becky Owen ask prayer as plagiarism continues to plague students at Evangelical Bible College of Malawi. Pray that the administration will have wisdom to deal with the issue directly. Ask that Jonathan will have patience and persistence to maintain college standards. Pray for Becky as she takes a BIC Directed Studies Program course called “Spiritual Formation” so that she will be encouraged in personal growth and equipped in ministry.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua as they work hard to construct a national center for the Brethren in Christ Church there. There is to be an auditorium for 500 people, a kitchen, a dining room, a dormitory for 250 people and space for a parking lot. Praise God that the local churches are sending offerings and volunteer laborers to help with the project. Pray that they will get the roof on and the building ready for use this year.

To submit prayer requests for upcoming editions of the Prayer Focus, please email Grace Holland, a member of the Prayer Fellowship who is coordinating the Prayer Focus.