Prayer Focus - 4.26.17

The Lord to Job’s friends: “So now take seven bulls and seven rams and go to my servant Job and sacrifice a burnt offering for yourselves. My servant Job will pray for you, and I will accept his prayer and not deal with you according to your folly . . . .” And the Lord accepted Job’s prayer.” Job 42:8-9


Pray for the boards, teams and members of Great Lakes Conference as they join in annual meeting this Friday and Saturday at Jackson Friends Church in Massillon, Ohio hosted by Amherst Community BIC. Ask that the theme, “The Stewardship of Opportunity” will help the conference “tilt forward” in seeing and embracing opportunities all around. Pray for Bishop Lynn Thrush as he leads the meeting. Ask for learning and fellowship for the youth who attend.


Pray for the next four impact seminars entitled “A Different Game of Thrones” happening this week and next. They will meet tomorrow at Fairland BIC, Cleona, Pa., Saturday at Community of Faith BIC, Roanoke, Va., Monday at Hollowell BIC, Waynesboro, Pa. and Tuesday at Mechanicsburg (Pa.) BIC. Pray for Jeff Wright, pastor of Madison Street BIC, Riverside, Calif., as he begins a discussion of the radical centrality and importance of who Jesus is, what he wants us to do and how he wants us to do it in a postmodern and post-Christian environment.

Camp Ministry

Praise God that bookings at the Christian Retreat Center, East Waterford, Pa. have multiplied and sometimes there are up to three groups present on a weekend. In order to offer quality accommodations for all, the original Commons Building has been refurbished. Pray that the groups of ten to 100 people will encounter God at the camp. Pray for the staff as they prepare for summer children’s camps and gather scholarships for needy children.

Pray for the Ladies’ Spring Tea at Roxbury Holiness Camp, Orrstown, Pa. this Saturday. Ask for a time of spiritual fellowship for ladies of all ages as they enjoy a concert by Frances Drost. Pray too for the Spring Senior Day on May 9 with a devotional by Pastor Stacy Crawford of Canoe Creek BIC and music from the Merrill Evangelistic Team.

Global Church

Pray for David and Patricia Miller as they continue to minister to Canada’s least reached people group, the Quebecois. Ask God to increase Patricia’s contacts through teaching English at the Bilangues School. Pray for David as he leads the Intersection community of disciples to grow in faith and answer the call to draw others to Christ. Pray that the connections with community organization will be a witness to the love and truth of Christ in the Terrebonne area.

World Missions

Pray for the annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Navajo BIC Mission this weekend. Praise God for those who gave to purchase a new pump when the old pump failed. Staff members believe that donations will cover the huge costs, though they are still waiting for the arrival and installation of the balance drive. Pray for strength to continue hauling water as necessary. Ask that the Board of Directors will be able to plan well for the future.

Pray for Doug and Barb M. as they return to Malawi on Monday. Praise God for many good contacts in churches and joyful times with their family during home ministry. Ask for God’s protection over the loved ones they leave behind in this country. Pray for a strong sense of God’s presence as they adjust back to ministry in Malawi and work with Madalitso and the family and the growing Yao village groups.

Next week has been set aside as National Prayer Week for the BIC Church in Zimbabwe. Pray that each member will be renewed in spirit and that the churches will experience fresh life and zeal. Ask that the attitude of believers during these difficult times in Zimbabwe will be a strong witness for Christ. Pray for a breakthrough in the political and economic crisis there and that God will receive glory through answered prayer.

Pray for Bruce and Merly Bundy and family in Madrid as they share their home with Janet who has MS and her daughter Naomi (10) who sings specials in church. They have no sustainable income and need a home where they are safe. Ask for God’s love to be unleashed on them and on the father who has caused much pain. Pray for encouragement to the churches as they meet in the United Anabaptist retreat in Tarragona, Spain this Friday to Monday.

Praise God for the installation of a new bishop for the BIC churches in Kenya last month after their former leader died some time ago. Pray for strength and wisdom for this new leader and for growth for the churches. Pray for Enock and Lastinah Shamapani sent from Zambia as they teach and mentor these churches. Pray for 25 Messiah College students traveling to Zambia next month to take Phil Thuma’s course, “Health Care in the Developing World.”

Larry and Cindy Williams, field coordinators for Wycliffe USA and associate BIC missionaries, ask prayer for the Wycliffe Bible translation project in Venezuela. Workers are enduring scarcity of food and other essential items. Pray for our Christian brothers and sisters and ask that Larry and Cindy will be able to encourage them, along with translators through the Americas, as they visit them.

Praise God for the consecration of Francis Kamoto as BIC Bishop in Malawi recently, even though he has been active in this role for several months. Pray that God’s Spirit will rest on him, guide him, and give him wisdom and courage to lead the church in the ways of Christ. Ask for protection for his family and the Maone Church Center property where they live. Pray for the new pastor of the Ndirandi congregation, the bishop’s former church.

Pray for Jonathan Owen as he teaches Old Testament in the extension program at Evangelical Bible College of Malawi on designated Saturdays. Ask that these students learn to quote study materials in legitimate ways in their writing. The Owens thank God for the help of an inverter to keep their fridge and freezer running, charge their laptops, phones and batteries and provide some lighting, as outages have been averaging 17 hours off for three to five days per week.

Praise God for the teenagers who helped Kris G. with village ministry in Thailand while intern Pawn was on vacation. Pray for Plai, a 16-year-old from one of the villages who is eager to assist and for the older teenage girls from the children’s home who also like to help. Pray for each of these young people to grow in their relationship with Christ and in ministry. Ask that they use what they are learning in their own schools when the new year starts mid-May.

To submit prayer requests for upcoming editions of the Prayer Focus, please email Grace Holland, a member of the Prayer Fellowship who is coordinating the Prayer Focus.