Equipping for Ministry

Impact Opportunities

Taking advantage of the many helpful seminars and conferences offered each year locally and nationally is an aid to keeping up with trends and learning how others are responding to the needs of contemporary culture. Thus, each person in ministry is encouraged to develop a personal continuing education program. The 2015 Impact Seminar is Full of Grace and Truth: Homosexuality, the Gospel and the BIC Church.

In addition to such continuing education, the Commission on Ministry and Doctrine (CMD) believes that it is important to keep nurturing our Brethren in Christ perspective. The majority of our pastors come to the Brethren in Christ from other denominations bringing a wealth of strengths and some divergent viewpoints. This diversity is added to a denomination informed by Wesleyan, Anabaptist, Pietist, and Evangelical theology, though we are none of them completely. Thus, it is important that the church provide for ongoing conversations among our pastors to nurture the blend that is BIC as a living, growing, and changing community of faith.

The Impact Opportunities are designed for that purpose. Addressing current issues and concerns from a BIC theological perspective, they are developed primarily for persons in active ministry. Impact opportunities serve as the primary means for meeting the lifelong BIC learning expectation for each quadrennial review period.

Impact Opportunities are offered as seminars and e-seminars.

Impact Seminars: Each year the Equipping for Ministry team sponsors a denomination-wide seminar. These are held at various locations across the United States. Regional and other new impact seminars will also be offered from time to time. Previously offered seminars are available upon request to be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon site and date.

Impact E-Seminars: These email delivered seminars are conducted by a facilitator. They are offered on a six-week schedule congruent with the beginning of each Directed Study Program term. Seminars are comprised of 3 or 4 lessons requiring about 5 hours each.