Cooperative Ministries (CM) is the shared
funding stream in the BIC Church. At its core,
CM is all about people—people giving, people
engaging, and people transformed.

People giving

For many believers, the decision to offer a 10 percent tithe to their home congregation is a breakthrough moment in their faith journey, a bold act that demonstrates gratitude for God’s past provision, a commitment to community, and trust in the Lord’s continued provision. BIC congregations are encouraged to embrace a similar model of stewardship, by voluntarily allocating 10 percent of regular congregational tithes to Cooperative Ministries. (See the "Imagine what 10% can do" video.)

Churches are also invited to designate gifts, beyond the 10 percent tithe to CM, toward a specific project or ministry (e.g., church plant, missionary, etc.) that the congregation is passionate about. (See Guideline for Congregational Stewardship.)

People engaging

Cooperative Ministries helps provide opportunities for people to prepare for and participate in ministry—from the Missionary Development Program and In Part magazine to Equipping for Ministry courses.

At regional, national, and global levels, we work together to EQUIP leaders for transformation, MULTIPLY sites for life change, and SEND workers for witness and service.

  • EQUIP leaders for transformation
    Six bishops across seven Regional Conferences provide resources, leadership, encouragement, and training to 260+ pastors and their ministry teams in churches across the U.S. In addition, bishops provide direction for the entire Church, setting vision, establishing goals, and unifying efforts to see lives changed for Christ.

  • MULTIPLY sites for life change
    From 2001 to 2009, an average of $350,000 per year was distributed from CM to Regional Conferences for church planting efforts.

  • SEND workers for witness and service
    As a BIC family, we take the Great Commission’s call to “go and make disciples of all nations” to heart. One way we actively pursue this is through BIC World Missions (BICWM), which partners with 73 global workers in 22 countries. These overseas workers are served and trained by a support team based in the U.S.

People transformed

The BIC Church aspires to be a community in which lives are changed. We desire to be a dynamic movement of God’s Spirit in which life-change is the normative experience—so that, wherever we gather, the lost are saved, the weary find rest, the hungry are fed, the burdened find freedom, the weak grow strong.

Now more than ever

Now it is up to us to match the vision with our giving. God is calling BIC churches to great things in the decade ahead, and that includes the opportunity for great generosity.

Your congregation can invest in people—people giving, people engaged, and people transformed—by voluntarily allocating 10 percent of regular congregational tithes to Cooperative Ministries. The wholehearted financial support of our congregations will allow the Brethren in Christ Church to move forward boldly. As we do, we firmly believe God will make us a Church that can proclaim with confidence,


Resources for promoting Cooperative Ministries within your congregation

Downloadable forms

  • Cooperative Ministries Transmittal Form (PDF)
  • Cooperative Ministries Transmittal Form Instructions (PDF)