June 2011


In Part ranked number-one denominational magazine by EPA

Six years ago, in 2005, our Church family underwent a major transition as we said goodbye to the denominational periodical known as The Visitor and welcomed its replacement, Seek magazine. Two years later, we made another shift, when, due to trademark issues, we were forced to change the publication’s name from Seek to In Part.

Given the rapidity of these shifts, it might seem logical to expect that the quality of the magazine would suffer. However, I am elated to report that this hasn’t happened. In fact, as the results of the Evangelical Press Association’s 2010 contest illustrate, our denominational magazine is not just surviving but thriving in the midst of these hurdles.

Out of the 30+ other denominational publications that submitted entries in the 2011 Evangelical Press Association (EPA) contest, our BIC magazine placed 1st place overall. What a confirmation of the good work of our team—and God’s favor!

Read more about the four other awards garnered by In Part below.


2011 Ministry Enrichment Retreat

It’s not often that leaders and staff from all 300 BIC churches across North America can get together. But this July, at the 2011 MER in Columbus, Ohio, we have the opportunity to do just that. Joined by John Hull, president/CEO of EQUIP, and Danisa Ndlovu, bishop of the BIC Church in Zimbabwe, it will be a time of training, fellowship, and relaxation. Register now »

Get ready to hear from us

The “Find a Church” page on the BIC website is the third most-visited page on the site, with more than 1,100 page views in the last month alone. We know people are using this tool to find your church. But we also know that the information provided on this site is often out-dated.

And so, after receiving a special designated gift for the purpose, we have hired two summer interns—Trish Weaver and Sam Williams—to help us improve this page, as well as to create a 2011 Church-wide directory and update the IN PART mailing list.

In partnership with Regional Conference offices, our interns may be contacting your church this summer to request a church directory from you. We will use this information conscientiously (within our carefully circumscribed policy) to check and correct these three areas.

Questions about this process? Contact Kristine Frey, BIC Communications editor, at


Annual Report to arrive with summer 2011 issue of In Part

Early next month, the summer 2011 edition of IN PART should begin reaching mailboxes and inboxes. Included in it will be the first-ever Annual Report for the BIC family across North America. In addition to a snapshot celebrating what our shared funds have accomplished this year, the Report will feature stories of BIC churches and people, as well as information about how you can benefit from what the General Church offers. We hope you will enjoy this new resource!

Registration open for 2012 Israel/Palestine study tour

Are you interested in taking a trip to the Holy Land that goes beyond than a typical “5-star” tour? Would you like to visit major biblical/archaeological sites in Israel? Are you eager to consider current Middle Eastern issues?

Consider going on the Equipping for Ministry Study Tour of Israel/Palestine on February 6–20, 2012, with a five-day optional trip extension to Jerusalem through February 24. More information »

In Part awarded four High Goal Awards from EPA

In addition to winning the Award of Excellence in the "Denominational magazine" category of the EPA's 2011 contest, In Part received four Higher Goals Awards. In these categories, In Part was in head-to-head competition with renowned publications such as Christianity Today, Sojourners, World Vision, and Leadership Journal. Yet our editor, designer, and writers came through with flying colors!

  • 2nd place in the “Standing column” category for Parting Words by Perry Engle, bishop of the Midwest and Pacific Conferences

  • 3rd place in the “ Devotional” category for Letting Go of Our Lifeboats by John Reitz, pastor of the Grantham (Pa.)Church

  • 3rd place in the “Original art—traditional” category for Sheep and Wolf in the Workplace by Nate Bridi

  • 3rd place in the “Typography and lettering” category for Disarming Witness by Nate Bridi

We celebrate not only this recognition, but the richness of our story that it represents!

Blog from BIC World Missions Global Team Retreat

Last month, about 150 BIC workers from around the world gathered for an historic event: the first BIC World Missions retreat for all global workers! Visit the Connecting for Transformation blog for videos, photos, and information from the time.

General Conference 2010 minutes now available

Want to relive the magic and excitement of General Conference 2010? Copies of the GC 2010 minutes will be mailed out to churches in July 2011, or you can download the GC 2010 minutes now »


Porocol for personnel searches

We want to remind everyone involved in personnel searches of a courtesy (or protocol) that is practiced across the Church. Before prospective candidates are contacted about an open position, we cordially expect (a BIC euphemism for “require”) search committees to request permission from the prospects’ current supervisor. This enables a lead pastor, bishop, or board chairperson to be aware of your interest, to interact with the individual beforehand, and to give (or withhold) permission for the contact. It may well be, as the Holy Spirit directs in the search, that the outcome will not be any different. But the courtesy of informing supervisors of your interest is considerate and helpful. This practice nurtures good relationships across the Church. It is also an appropriate “test” of the Spirit’s leading in a search.

Contact Information:
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Archived Issues of Momentum


“Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.
—John Wesley (1703–1791), Anglican cleric, Christian theologian, founder of the Methodist movement


BIC worker is mugged at Church Offices

When her favorite coffee mug finally bit the dust this past fall, Kim Lehman, who works as the account officer for the BIC Foundation (Grantham, Pa.), began searching for a replacement.

“Even though it was only October, I started to use an old Christmas-themed mug I'd been given,” Lehman recounts.

From Lehman’s perspective, things were going well with the Yuletide mug. But one day, after stepping away from her desk for a few moments, she had the startling realization that she'd been mugged!

“When I came back to my desk,” she says, “I saw someone had placed a new, less seasonally-specific mug on my desk, with a note reading,‘You have been . . . mugged! Love from a friend.’”

The mugger, who has yet to be identified, has not struck again.

—from an independent news source