June 2013


While I’ve also worked on a formal word of farewell to the BIC U.S. as a whole (see below), I want to share a personal word to you who receive Momentum.

Though this past year, I have experienced a succession of “last times”—my last new pastors and spouses’ orientation, my last General Conference Board meeting, my last time with the Leadership Council, and so on. Together, Connie and I attended the annual meetings of all seven of our Regional Conferences, also for the last time.

These events have been good, and we have been encouraged by your many expressions of appreciation. Thank you for your kind and gracious words. We are deeply grateful for everything you have said and done for us in this time of transition and farewell. As a Church, you have done well by us!

I recently read an interesting description of leadership in Leadership on the Line by Linsky and Heifetz: “Leadership is disappointing your own people at a rate they can absorb.” As I reflect on my years as moderator, I have not always managed the pace well, and I have succeeded in disappointing people at times. Yet I have seen that God’s word is true: His power is most evident in our weakness. Connie and I rejoice that God has done great and wonderful things in and through the BIC – all of us, together – over this span of time.

As I conclude my service as moderator, I know that God has shaped and prepared the Brethren in Christ for the days and years and, I hope, generations to come—as a jar of clay that contains the treasure of the transforming message and the all-surpassing power of God. God’s call to the BIC, as always, is to pour out this treasure, so that the fragrance of the light of the knowledge of the glory of God may spread everywhere.

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Affirmations on the nature of Scripture

In February 2013, 38 women and men from across BIC U.S. gathered for a Consultation on the Nature of Scripture to reaffirm our commitment to God’s Word and to work towards a common understanding of biblical interpretation.

As a result of the Consultation, 10 principles emerged to summarize our core beliefs about the nature of the Bible and provide basic guidelines for reading and interpreting it. As self-described “people of the Book,” this is our way of reemphasizing the value that we place on the Bible as God’s authoritative Word, and a renewal of our pledge to study it together and build our lives on its truth.

A pdf of the 10 principles is available in English and Spanish.

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BIC Health Insurance Plan to be discontinued on December 31, 2013

Due to the adverse financial impact of a self-funded denominational health plan on overall church finances, the General Conference Board took action on June 24 to discontinue the BIC Health Plan, to be effective December 31, 2013. Therefore, all participating churches and organizations are encouraged to actively pursue new health insurance options for 2014. The Church offices will strive to provide information about health care options and public exchanges as they become available.

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Board for Media Ministries concludes 126 years of service

For 126 years, the Board for Media Ministries (formerly, Publication Board) served the BIC with bookstores, publishing, and printing. After sustained and fruitful ministry over these many years, the business enterprises of the BIC U.S. in media and marketing are being phased out. Although under new ownership, BIC books and materials will continue to be available through Evangel Publishing House. Books and materials can be ordered online at:

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2012 Year in Review reports on vision and highlights

For the past three years, an annual Year in Review has been inserted in the summer edition of In Part magazine. This is the most broadly disseminated way BIC U.S. leaders strive to be accountable to the Church for vision fulfillment and financial stewardship.

There are three primary aims of this report: (1) to celebrate Transformation 2020 progress through stories, (2) to present a clear and concise financial summary for BIC U.S., and (3) to describe highlights from the year. Every effort is made for the annual Year in Review to be accessible and inspiring not only to pastors and those who are already plugged into the denomination, but to those who are new to the BIC.

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In Part garners third consecutive Award of Excellence

This May, the Evangelical Press Association awarded In Part, the magazine for the BIC community in the U.S., a first-place Award of Excellence in the “denominational publication” category. This is the third consecutive year that In Part has received this prestigious distinction.

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bic world

BIC U.S.-affiliate Messiah Lifeways announces new president 6.5.2013

BIC respond to tornadoes in Oklahoma 5.21.2013

Tribute: J. Wilmer Heisey's service spanned seven decades 5.15.2013

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“As Brethren in Christ we have been, from our beginnings, 'people of the book.' It seems certain that the River Brethren were earnest students of the Scriptures. . . . Though not formally trained . . ., the [early brother and sisters] were at home with the Bible and knowledgeable relative to its content.”

—Owen H. Alderfer (1923–1991), who served as bishop and general secretary of the BIC Church in North America and as professor at Ashland (Ohio) Theological Seminary

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