Honduran families receive food aid through BIC World Hunger Fund grant

—A $5,000 grant from the Brethren in Christ World Hunger Fund (WHF) recently provided much-needed food to members of several Brethren in Christ churches in Honduras.

According to a report by Nathan Bert, a BIC World Missions missionary in Honduras, the grant provided enough funds to purchase beans, rice, and corn for more than 350 families in the San Antionio de Flores and Trojes y Patuca “zones” of the 750-member BIC Association.

The food was parceled out to the neediest families by committees of supervisors and pastors from the various churches within each zone.

“The way that this project was managed had a strong impact in the area,” states Bert.

The grant money and food aid could not have come at a better time for Honduras. The country—which is estimated to be the third poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to the United Nations’ World Food Program—had been rocked in recent months by the military coup that ousted President Manuel Zelaya and installed an interim government.

The regime change has not been kind to the country’s economy. The tourism industry, which represents a large source of the country’s income, has contracted 40 percent since the coup. And Honduran economists have predicted that the country’s gross domestic product could shrink by 3–4 percent this year, according to a recent BBC News story, further tightening the purse-strings for many Hondurans already holding low-paying jobs.

But, says Bert, projects like the one funded by WHF give hope to many Hondurans.

“The good results that happened after the families received the food give testimony to the fact that the food came just at the right time—when it was needed the most,” says Bert.

Furthermore, he notes, “Members of the churches as well as friends and members of other missions in Honduras were encouraged by the way Brethren in Christ share with those in need.”