BIC congregation in Colombia celebrates successful Christmas outreach

A crowd of 200-plus people attended the Girardot BIC Church's Christmas celebration on December 27.—More than 200 people flocked to the Girardot BIC Church’s Christmas dinner on December 27—a response so overwhelming, according to a recent report from BIC missionary Sherry Main, that additional chairs and tables had to be set up outside the church to accommodate the large crowd.

“Many [of the attendees] were people the church has been reaching out to over the last few years but who had not yet come to church activities,” shares Main, who serves in Colombia with her husband, Trevor.

Also in attendance were 60 people from Girardot’s two daughter churches in the nearby neighborhoods of La Divisa and Rio Negro, as well as Girardot church members and people from the local community.

The event included an evangelistic message by the BIC church in Medellín, Colombia’s third-largest city. Following the sermon, “ten youth decided to commit their lives to Christ,” reports Main.

First recognized as an organized congregation in 2009, the Girardot BIC Church grew in average attendance from 33 in 2008 to 65 in 2009. The congregation also pioneered outreach efforts to young people, establishing a Navigators children’s club program and helping its daughter churches to begin similar programs.