Arlin Buckwalter appointed new denominational Bible quiz director

—Don McNiven, general secretary of the Brethren in Christ Church in North America, is pleased to announce the appointment of Arlin Buckwalter for a  two-year term as the Brethren in Christ denominational Bible quiz director, effective July 2010.

Arlin Buckwalter (left) and former denominational quiz director John Weaver (right) officiate the 2001 BIC Bible quizzing finals with John Sider (center). In July 2010, Buckwalter succeeded Weaver as quiz director.In accepting the role of quiz director, Buckwalter succeeds John Weaver, pastor of Pleasant Hill BIC in Ohio, who has served as denominational quiz director since 2003.

“I look forward to serving the BIC quizzing community over the coming years,” shares Buckwalter, a long-time member of the Mount Pleasant BIC (Mount Joy, Pa.). “I whole-heartedly believe in the immense value of this program—for the individual, the local church, and the denomination. In my role as director, I want to affirm every quizzer, every coach, every Regional Conference director, every supportive parent, and every quizzing friend for the time invested in this program.”

Buckwalter has been involved in Brethren in Christ Bible quizzing for many years and in many capacities.

As a teenager, Buckwalter quizzed for three years on the Mount Pleasant team, and in the 1980s, he coached the team. Still interested in quizzing, he accepted the role of Atlantic Regional Conference quiz director in 1992, serving in that capacity until 2001. Since that time, he has remained active by working as quizmaster at Atlantic Conference quiz meets and at the Allegheny Invitational.

“I thank God for all of those who commit time and energy to help promote the study of the Scriptures through quizzing,” comments McNiven. “As each member of the BIC quizzing community continues to celebrate John’s work during his tenure, I trust that they will give their full support to Arlin’s leadership.”

Buckwalter and his wife, Ruth, have four children, each of whom was a quizzer for some or all of their eligible years. In addition to his new role with Bible quizzing, Buckwalter serves as an adult Sunday school teacher, church board secretary, and visual media coordinator at his home congregation.