Ashland Theological Seminary to confer certificates on Directed Study Program graduates

—Graduates of the BIC Church’s Directed Study Program (DSP) can now receive certificates of completion from Ashland (Ohio) Theological Seminary, says Dorothy Gish, dean of the denomination’s Equipping for Ministry program.

“We are very pleased that the Seminary has affirmed the intellectual rigor of our Directed Study Program,” Gish adds. “The high quality of our curriculum and the good work of our facilitators is clearly being recognized even beyond the Brethren in Christ Church.”

The certificates, which participants can purchase for a nominal fee of $25 (US), acknowledge graduates’ strong academic performance and completion of the course of study. While they will not carry academic credit, the certificates will grant special consideration to DSP graduates looking to enroll at Ashland Seminary.

“Should any certificate holder who does not have a college degree desire to enroll in the Seminary, he or she will receive preferential consideration for the slots that the seminary is permitted to fill with people who have not completed a bachelor's degree,” Gish notes. “For those with a bachelor's degree in an area of study other than Bible or Religion, preferential consideration will be given for regular admission.”

Since the DSP’s inception in 2004, program graduates have received a certificate of completion from the denomination—an affirmation of students’ work, Gish says, but not one that carries much weight beyond the structures of the Brethren in Christ Church.

“We are very pleased that DSP students—past, present, and future—will now have their work affirmed by an accredited academic institution,” Gish confirms.

This announcement comes on the heels of another coup for the DSP: The program experienced its largest single-semester enrollment this spring, with 108 students enrolled in one or more courses.

For more information on the DSP and its offerings, please visit the Equipping for Ministry homepage.