BIC missionary family in Israel unharmed by nearby explosion

—According to the Associated Press, a bomb struck a crowded bus stop in central Jerusalem at 3 p.m. local time earlier today. The blast, which wounded more than 20 people and has killed one, is being called the first major militant attack in the city in several years.

Michele and Hank Dannecker, BIC missionaries in Jerusalem, with their children, AbbyRose, Levi, and Moriah (not pictured).Michele Dannecker, a BIC missionary in Jerusalem, reports that while her husband, Hank, was in Bethlehem at the time of the explosion, she and their three children were at their house in Jerusalem.

“The bombing occurred at a bus stop about 10 to 15 minutes from our home,” Michele states. “We heard and felt the reverberations from the blast, but we’re all safe.”

She adds, “I am so thankful for God’s continued protection over our family and for the realization that at all times, we can take refuge in Him!”

Investigations of the circumstances surrounding the explosion continue, although the attack comes as tensions between Israelis and Palestinians have been escalating.

Michele notes, “This incident will most assuredly spark tensions within the country, so please continue to lift up the nation and all its people in your prayers.”

Hank and Michele have been serving as BIC missionaries in Jerusalem since 2009, the same year they founded 1NewHeart, a sponsor agency that connects Palestinian children suffering from congenital heart defects with medical services in Israel.