Roxbury Holiness Camp appoints new executive director

—The Board of Directors of Roxbury Holiness Camp (Orrstown, Pa.) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeremy Spear as the Camp’s executive director. Spear, who has served at Roxbury as the Teen Camp Director since 2009, will begin his work July 5.

Jeremy Spear will serve as executive director of Roxbury Holiness Camp (Orrstown, Pa.) beginning on July 5.

Spear brings to the executive director position a background in pastoral ministry. Most recently, Spear served as the senior pastor at Lakeview Community BIC (Goodwin, Mich.), a position he assumed in 2007. He also has “extensive youth ministry experience, serving four churches as youth pastor over a 15 year period,” according to a news release posted on the Roxbury Camp website.

“We are excited to bring Jeremy to the newly created position of executive director because we believe he has the gifts and background needed to fulfill the wide range of responsibilities he will oversee,” says Jim Sollenberger, chair of Roxbury’s executive director search committee and senior pastor at West Side BIC (Chambersberg, Pa.).

According to Sollenberger, Spear will hold a number of responsibilities in his new position. He will oversee the Camp’s ongoing operations; give primary vision and direction to the Camp under the Board, which will shift from an administrative entity to a policy-making body; and assume leadership of the campmeeting.

“We believe Jeremy is creative, energetic, and able to relate to different age groups,” Sollenberger adds. “Most importantly, Jeremy believes in camp and campmeeting as an important catalyst for spiritual change in people's lives.  We trust it will be a long-time relationship, as has been the case with so many of Roxbury's leaders.”

Spear’s appointment to the position of executive director serves to culminate a more than half-year search process, says Sollenberger. After the Board initiated their search last fall, they received more than 30 applications from candidates both within and outside the Brethren in Christ Church. They interviewed six different candidates before extending the invitation to Spear.

“I am excited and humbled to assume the role of executive director of Roxbury Holiness Camp,” remarks Spear. “Roxbury is a place where people make and/or renew their connection with God and find direction for their life. It excites me to be able to not only help direct our camp, but to be in the position to enable other ministries to have successful camps/training events.”

In anticipating the work he will assume, Spear says, “I believe that my leadership will bring a new perspective to the events, programming, and ideas that are already a part of Roxbury Holiness Camp.

“I am an outside-the-box leader,” he adds. “I am not content with status quo, but I am not a proponent of change just for change’s sake. As I begin my work, I will take a look at facilities and grounds, and—with the cooperation of the Board and other camp leaders—work through what can be done to enhance ministry in every area.”