London riots do not threaten BICWM team

—Following last week’s reports of unrest in the streets of London and surrounding cities, the members of the BIC World Missions (BICWM) London team confirm that they are safe.

While four of the team members are currently on furlough in North America and were not in London last week, three were stationed in the capital city at the time of the riots. Although these three members say that they are taking some extra precautions—such as travelling during the daytime and staying indoors at night—they note that they have observed many police patrolling the streets and that the riots are now abating in the area.

“We thank people for their prayers,” says Jay Smith, a member of the London team. “We ask that the BIC family keep remembering us in their prayers, asking especially for wisdom for our team members who are still in London.”

The BICWM London team has been working in apologetics and church planting for the past 20 years.