BIC World Hunger fund mobilizes to address drought and hunger in Zimbabwe

—Joining with Mennonite World Conference (a global community of Anabaptist-related Churches), the Brethren in Christ Church in North America is calling for prayer and action on behalf of brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe who are facing hunger and the harsh effects of drought.

Recently, Danisa Ndlovu, bishop of the BIC Church in Zimbabwe and president of Mennonite World Conference (MWC), communicated his hope to gain support from the global Church: “On March 10, I met the deputy Ministry of Agriculture [in Zimbabwe] who made a passionate plea that the church must do something to source food for Matabeleland South province; otherwise people might starve.”

He added, “We are also calling for prayers for rain. We have not had any significant inflows to dams that supply our city of Bulawayo. It is worrying, as it might mean decommissioning of some of the dams in the next few months.”

Ndolvu has indicated that brothers and sister faith communities can help lessen the threat of the impending crisis by partnering with the BIC Church in Zimbabwe to purchase food that can be distributed to needy communities. “We think people can initiate projects within their communities that they can work on in exchange for food rations. However, those who are elderly and the sick will obviously not participate in the food-for-work projects, but out of compassion, will be provided with food.”

He noted that in addition to serving the needs of people in the present, the future must also be considered: “It is clear that communities that need food now will need seed and farming inputs down the road if they are to grow their own food.”

Coming alongside Ndlovu’s request, Don McNiven, general secretary of the BIC Church in North America, is asking churches and individuals within the U.S. and Canada to act in continued solidarity with BIC brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe. “Many North Americans have generously given to our Family to Family, Village to Village initiative, which was established two years ago to address the immediate crisis faced by the Church family in Zimbabwe,” he observes. “Now, we’re inviting people to respond with the same generosity to this urgent need by giving to the BIC World Hunger Fund.”

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About the BIC World Hunger Fund
For more than 30 years, the BIC World Hunger Fund has challenged us Brethren in Christ in North America to review our lifestyles so that we can direct more resources toward hunger relief and other benevolence programs. Recognizing that the hope we have in Christ is lived out in service to one another, we respond with gifts that encourage and support our sisters and brothers around the world.

In 2009, the fund disbursed more than $255,000 (U.S. and Canadian), making significant contributions to hunger relief in Zimbabwe (through the Family to Family, Village to Village initiative), HIV/AIDS and orphan assistance in Mozambique, and housing relief in Honduras.

Emergency projects—like the one currently underway in Zimbabwe—draw on undesignated donations to the WHF. To continue funding special projects like these, the WHF needs generous contributors willing to donate undesignated funds.

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Contribute to the BIC World Hunger Fund
In the U.S.: Gifts can be made online by clicking the “Make a donation” link at the bottom of this page. (Please specify “World Hunger Fund” in drop-down menu, and then note “Zimbabwe drought” in the additional comments section.)

Contributions may also be given by sending a check made out to “General Conference of the Brethren in Christ, Inc.” to 431 Grantham Road, PO Box A, Grantham, PA 17027. (Please indicate “World Hunger Fund—Zimbabwe drought” on the memo line of the check.)