BIC Church of North America updates name and address

Name reflects presence in U.S.
In July, the 2012 General Conference of the Brethren in Christ Church of North America approved a recommendation to affirm two distinct, national bodies, one in Canada and one in the U.S. This requires a new designation for both Churches.

In the U.S., the General Conference Board has confirmed these names for the Church:

  • Legal name: General Conference of the Brethren in Christ
    unchanged, to be used in official contexts (e.g., checks for the denomination, government registration, tax information, trademarks, etc.)

  • Official name: Brethren in Christ Church in the U.S.
    to be used with logo (e.g., on stationary, website, signage, etc.)

  • Short name: BIC U.S.
    to be used independent from the logo (e.g., in letters, articles, etc.)

These designations are already being used in various venues (websites, stationary, signs, etc.), and churches are asked to transition to these new names as they are able.

Warren Hoffman, moderator of the BIC Church in the U.S., emphasizes that these adjustments are not name changes but designations that refer to a specific part of the global Brethren in Christ Church. “It is appropriate for Brethren in Christ General Conference as it exists in the U.S.—as both a community and an organization—to have a name that distinguishes it from sister Conferences around the world,” he says.

He also emphasizes that this shift is different from the name change that has been discussed over the last two years. “The General Conference Board has not approved a change to the name of our Church body, but rather to our designation that specifically refers to our location and authority in the U.S.”

At the 2010 General Conference of the BIC Church of North America, the Canadian Regional Conference petitioned for a ‘process that considers’ a new denominational name, citing the fact that the word “Brethren” can be misunderstood, posing a potential barrier for those unfamiliar with the word. A name-change study was conducted over the biennium, and, based upon the results of that study, the 2012 General Conference approved a recommendation to conclude the name-change study and a study group be convened at least two more times, at four year intervals, to consider whether a name change should be considered in the future.

New address reflects changes in USPS
For many years, the Brethren in Christ General Church offices have used post office boxes in Grantham, Pa. Due to transitions in the United States Postal Service, however, these boxes are being closed and the addresses used for the BIC U.S. General Church offices are changing.

Effective immediately, all ministries located at the BIC U.S. offices in Grantham will shift to a street address in Mechanicsburg, Pa.:

431 Grantham Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-5812

From now on, the new address may be used to contact BIC U.S. and any of its ministries located in Grantham, Pa., including BIC World Missions, Equipping for Ministry, Cooperative Ministries, BIC World Hunger Fund, BIC Foundation, etc.

For the sake of economy, BIC U.S. will use stationary and print pieces with the old address until supplies are depleted. However, once those have been used, the new street address will be standard.

It should also be noted that the BIC U.S. offices themselves are not moving, but the street address recognized by USPS has changed.

Any questions about these name or addresses updates should be directed to BIC U.S. via email ( or phone (717.697.2634).