Updated timeline for transition of BICWM executive director

Alan Robinson, national director of the Brethren in Christ Church in the U.S., has communicated that Chris Sharp’s term as executive director of Brethren in Christ World Missions will conclude on April 16, 2014, rather than the previously projected July 31, 2014 end-of-term date.

This decision emerged as the outcome of a process of discernment between Robinson, Sharp and Jonathan Lloyd, director of finance and human resources for the BIC U.S., as they worked together on how best to handle this transition. “Each of us were committed to a process that we considered beneficial for the ministry,” Robinson states, “and so a decision has been made to have April 16 be the last day of service for Chris.”

Recognizing the many significant achievements and advancements during Sharp’s leadership, Robinson extends gratitude on behalf of the Brethren In Christ U.S. and notes plans for the Brethren in Christ to thank her publicly on July 11 as part of the events at BIC U.S. General Conference 2014.