Roxbury Holiness Camp holds 2008 Camp Meeting

ROXBURY, Pa. (August 28, 2008)—For over seventy years, Roxbury (Pa.) Holiness Camp has been a place where people meet God in life-changing ways within the context of worship, prayer, teaching, seminars, privacy, and gathering as a corporate body. As a holiness camp, Roxbury encourages campers to examine issues of sanctification, heart cleansing, and being filled with the Holy Spirit.

This year’s Camp Meeting, which was held from August 1–10 with the theme “Everything You Need,” drew between 400 and 1,200 people each day to the tabernacle.

Featured speakers Jay Smith, a Christian apologist and BIC World Missions missionary to Muslims in London; Jeff Baxter, pastor at Pathway Community Church (Fort Wayne, Ind.); Merly Bundy, a BICWM church planter in Madrid; and Chad Seabright, a missionary with Christ Central Ministries (Columbia, S.C.) brought exceptional preaching on holiness topics and challenged listeners to obey God’s call on their lives.

Nathan Stonge, Dave Hershberger,and Frances Drost led worship services, while trumpeter David O'Neill, musical group Deliver Jude, and the ever-popular Collingsworth Family held provided special concerts throughout the week.

Throughout the week, three different offerings were taken. Midweek, Missions Day brought a large attendance. There were reports from various nations, a bold challenge to evangelism given by a husband and wife team (both formerly Muslims from Iran now in a Christian ministry based in the U.S.), and a consecration for new or returning missionaries. The offering for BICWM and church planting in North America totaled $100,570.

The entire cost of operating the camp meeting is covered by the tabernacle offerings, meal offerings, lunch counter income, and lodging fees throughout the ten days of the camp. From the tabernacle and meal offerings, the need for operation this year was $89,000. The camp meeting crowd exceeded this goal by $6,300!

In addition to this operational fund, the capital offering covers several costs that serve both the ten-day camp meeting and the year-round ministry, such as grounds and building maintenance, facility improvements, insurance, and other major projects. The goal for the capital offering this year was $65,000, and the actual income in cash and faith promises was $119,564! This additional money will be put to good use in other urgent projects (such as updating a neglected bath house).

Reacting to this, camp director John Hawbaker notes, “In this year of a tight economy, we are praising God for His generous financial provision for the camp ministry and for world missions.”

Camp Meeting 2009 at Roxbury will take place from July 31– August 9. Mark your calendars and be sure to visit throughout the year for forthcoming information.