Militants threaten BIC church leaders in Nepal

GRANTHAM, Pa. (Sept. 4, 2008)—In mid-July, two leaders from the BIC Church in Nepal were contacted by the Nepal Defense Army (NDA), an anti-Muslim militant group in the area. The faction, acting upon the false information that the BIC Church in Nepal had access to funds from the BIC Church in North America, demanded that the Church pay five Lakh Rupees (a devastating amount) to support its efforts against Muslims in Nepal,  with the threat that a bomb would be detonated in the Nepal SPICE hostel and church office buildings if the demands were not met.

After a number of phone calls between NDA and BIC leaders, the militant group demanded a face-to face meeting “to negotiate and settle the matter.” During that encounter, BIC leaders made it clear that they had no intention of meeting the terms of the demand.

Following the meeting, which was held in late July, the BIC leaders were taken to a secure location, where they will remain until the threats upon their lives cease.