Update: Honduran BIC churches persevere despite political uncertainty


Living in Honduras, Kimberly (back row, left) and Barry (back

row, right) Horst coorindate the S.T.E.P. program, a missionary

internship initiative to help young adults discern their call to

cross-cultural ministry.

GRANTHAM, Pa. (July 28, 2009)—UPDATE: New information from additional BICWM missionaries in Honduras confirms last week's report that “the vast majority [in Honduras] wants the situation to be resolved peacefully, and is working toward that end.”

In an e-mail communication on July 25, Barry and Kimberly Horst—coordinators of BICWM’s S.T.E.P. program, a discipleship and missionary internship initiative for young adults headquartered in Honduras’ capitol city of Tegucigalpa—reported that “many churches are organizing special prayer meetings to pray for the country, which [we] think is contributing to the prevailing peace in the midst of the turmoil.”

This confirms what had been reported earlier by Nathan and Cathy Bert, who also serve in Honduras under the auspices of BICWM.

The Horsts do offer some contrasting observations, however.

While the Berts suggested that tensions between supporters of Honduras’ deposed president and supporters of the new regime had been creating unrest in several BIC congregations, the Horsts suggest that “the majority of people are supporting the new regime because the old one was angling toward a dictatorship.”

This reflects a recent BBC News report, which indicated that “inside Honduras there remains substantial support for the leadership which replaced [Zelaya].”

According to the Horsts, “It would seem in the best interest of the country for Zelaya to give up trying to return to power and allow the new interim government to rule until the elections in November.”

It would be wonderful if the U.S. and Europe would see the wisdom of, and support this course of action,” their e-mail stated.


Cathy (right) and Nathan Bert have served in Honduras since

1998. Cathy teaches science at a local school while Nathan

facilitates leadership development for BIC pastors.


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