BIC pastor promotes new approach to homosexuality

March 12, 2007 - Bruxy Cavey, teaching pastor at The Meeting House, a thriving network of six BIC congregations in the greater Toronto area, visited Messiah College (Grantham, Pa.) on Thursday to speak to students and educators about homosexuality. Cavey was the main speaker for the morning chapel service, and that evening participated in a forum on homosexuality as part of the college’s “Human Sexuality Week.”

Located in an area where homosexuality is becoming more socially acceptable, Cavey and The Meeting House have a great deal of experience with confronting the issue of homosexuality.

In his message to the Messiah College community on Thursday morning, Cavey proposed that, when it comes to homosexuality, there are two primary models that Christians have adopted: some believers seek to build bridges of love, but neglect the biblical understanding of homosexuality as sin, while others take a firm stance against homosexuality, and in so doing, fail to love and reach out to the gay and lesbian community.

Cavey rejects the categorized way of thinking that leads to these models, and instead encourages his congregations to focus on being Christlike.

Arguing that all human sexuality is compromised by temptation and dysfunction, Cavey believes that “to say you’re gay or straight is just to talk about your package of temptation; your personal package of dysfunction.”

When gay or lesbian individuals come to talk with him, Cavey says, he identifies with them. “To live every day as a heterosexual male is to gather up my sexual temptations and submit them to the holiness of following Jesus,” he said. “Every day is a struggle for me. So I say to my gay brother or sister, ‘every day is a struggle for you, too—let’s do this together.’”

Cavey encouraged the Messiah community to, as his congregations have done, reject unsatisfactory models of dealing with homosexuality and form its own approach, based on the example of Jesus.

Posted 03.12.2007