Donate your frequent flyer miles
to hurrican victims.

Pacific Lifeline is a transitional shelter for women and their children. Their mission is to prevent chronic homelessness by empowering women in crisis to rebuild their lives and regain financial independence.  In their most recent newsletter, dated October 2005, we read the following:

We have just received word that seven Katrina families in Louisiana have been identified as potential candidates for our program.  Please pray for our staff as we will soon be reviewing a DVD of each family's story.  We are anticipating that we will bring the majority of them to our shelter. 

If you have free airline tickets due to frequent flyer miles that you could donate, or would like to donate money toward airline tickets to bring these families to Upland, please contact our office at or (909) 931-2624. 

Also, as we prepare our shelter for these new families we are in need of: toilet paper, laundry soap, disposable cameras, paper towels, room deodorizers, diapers, baby wipes, napkins, and kitchen, shower and bathroom cleaners. 

Please contact Pacific Lifeline using the contact information found here.