Craig Sider serves as interim bishop of Susquehanna Conference

GRANTHAM, Pa. (April 16, 2008)—After pathology tests diagnosed Ken Letner, bishop of the Susquehanna Conference, as having a Grade IV Glibioblastoma PNET brain tumor early this year, he underwent surgery to have the tumor removed. Since then, Ken has begun radiation and chemotherapy treatment, which at this time involves six weeks of low-dose radiation five days per week. After a break of one month, treatment will continue for six additional months with a higher dosage of chemo, five days on and 28 days off.

Over the past twelve weeks—through the time of symptoms, testing, surgery, recovery, and initial treatment—a number of individuals have helped carry forward Ken’s work in the Susquehanna Conference. Assistant Dee Rohrer, Assistant Moderator Bryan Hoke, Treasurer Glenn Musser, and Secretary Delores Metzler of the Susquehanna Conference have all continued the administrative work of the Conference, while Moderator Warren Hoffman of the General Conference has directed ongoing pastoral searches and provided congregational interventions as needed.

However, with Ken’s projected treatment and recovery period extending over eight-and-a-half months, it is clear that this initial arrangement to cover Ken’s absence cannot be sustained for such an extended length of time. In a conversation in late March, Ken indicated that it may be best for him, the congregations of the Susquehanna Conference, and those who have been carrying additional workloads to arrange for a long-term disability leave and to appoint an interim to take on his role as bishop through February 2009.

As the need for an interim bishop became apparent, Warren approached Craig Sider, whose term as bishop of the Atlantic Conference will come to a close in early August. Having not yet committed himself to a new assignment, Craig accepted this opportunity to serve Ken, the Susquehanna Conference, and the General Church.

Craig will assume responsibility for the Susquehanna Conference as interim bishop immediately. From now until August 1, when he will complete his work with the Atlantic Conference, Craig will devote a portion of his time to the Susquehanna Conference, concentrating on pastoral searches, crisis interventions, and other essential tasks. Once his tenure with the Atlantic Conference ends, he will serve the Susquehanna Conference on a full-time basis for the duration of the interim period.