Grantham BIC Church to host “Sioux City Sudan”

On July 15, Grantham (Pa.) BIC Church will host a performance by the touring drama team from Northwestern College (Orange City, Iowa) of the play “Sioux City Sudan.” Written by Jeff Barker, theatre and speech professor at Northwestern College, the play tells the story of Arlene Schuiteman, a missionary nurse who served in Sudan in the late 1950s and was exiled in the early 1960s. Schuiteman later directed the nursing school at the BIC World Missions-operated Macha Hospital Zambia.

The script is based on the book A Leopard Tamed by Eleanor Vandervort, an attendee of Redland Valley BIC Church, who was living in Sudan at the time of Schuiteman’s missionary service and exile.

For more information, contact the Grantham BIC Church at (717) 766-0531.