Hurricane Wilma's initial impact on BIC churches in Florida.

In late October, Hurricane Wilma passed over the east coast of Florida as a category two storm, its strong winds and rain tossing trees, damaging buildings, and flooding streets. So far, we've received the following reports from our churches in Florida:

Bethel BIC in Miami sustained damage to their sign, a fountain, and lost an entire fence and all the trees on their property. Wilma also caused more damage to their roof (their steeple was swept off earlier in this year's hurricane season).  Monte Calvario BIC church, also in Miami, suffered extensive roof damage. Pastor Valentin Fontanez of Refugio Eterno BIC church in Palm Springs lost the roof of his house. To date, the most seriously affected church is Maranatha BIC in Hialeah. The roof over their dining area was completely destroyed along with 70% of the roof of their sanctuary, which is now waterlogged.    

 Please pray for these churches as they begin to recover from this difficult hurricane season. Please also pray for Rev. Eduardo Llanes, associate for Hispanic ministries in our Southeast conference as he continues to serve our pastors in the affected area, while dealing with the damage to his own home.

As members of the extended church family, we want to respond compassionately to this need among our Hispanic brothers and sisters.  We invite you to consider a special gift at this time to assist these churches in their restoration efforts.  Donations may be sent to the General Church offices and all such funds will be forwarded to assist in necessary repairs.  Please make checks payable to General Conference Ministries, designated to the Benevolence Fund.  You may send donations directly (P.O. Box A, Grantham, PA 17027) or via your local church treasurer.  We sincerely thank you for partnering with the Miami-area churches at this time.