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8.18.16 August 2016 Connect Newsletter

7.1.16 Spring 2016 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation

3.21.16 Winter 2016 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation

3.15.16 March 2016 Connect Newsletter

02.28.16 BIC U.S. announces Lynn Thrush as nominee for Great Lakes Conference bishop

2.25.16 BIC U.S. Ministry Enrichment Week & General Conference 2016 Details

2.8.16 February 2016 Connect Newsletter


12.23.15 BIC U.S. announces new executive director of world missions

12.21.15 Fall 2015 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation

12.18.15 December 2015 Connect Newsletter

11.24.15 November 2015 Connect Newsletter

10.22.15 General Conference 2016 Update

10.22.15 Search for BICWM Executive Director Update

10.22.15 October 2015 Connect Newsletter

9.28.15 Summer 2015 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation

9.14.15 September 2015 Connect Newsletter

9.14.15 Global Compassion Fund Update

7.24.15 IBICA meeting location change

7.21.15 July 2015 Connect Newsletter

7.20.15 Search Begins for Executive Director of Brethren in Christ World Missions

7.20.15 BIC U.S. Staff Transitions

7.13.15 Spring 2015 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation

5.28.15 May 2015 Connect Newsletter

5.28.15 Re-evaluating YouthQuest and BIC U.S. youth ministry

5.8.15BICWM task force updates

4.30.15 April 2015 Connect Newsletter

4.30.15Global Compassion Fund aids Nepal BIC Church in earthquake aftermath

4.1.15 Winter 2015 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation

3.31.15 March 2015 Connect Newsletter

3.24.15 Bryan Hoke confirmed as Atlantic Conference bishop

3.24.15 Rick Snyder welcomed as chief executive officer of BIC Foundation

2.20.15 Lent Prayer Guide 2015

2.13.15 2014 Annual Report

1.30.15January 2015 Momentum

1.9.15 Newsworthy - Threads blog

1.6.15 Fall 2014 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation


12.19.14 December 2014 Momentum

12.19.14 BICWM launches task force

12.19.14 Tribute to Dr. Kenneth B. Hoover

9.16.14 Summer 2014 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation

8.19.14 August 2014 Momentum

7.9.14 July 2014 Momentum

6.26.14 Spring 2014 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation

5.15.14 May 2014 Momentum

4.11.14 Updated timeline for transition of BICWM executive director

4.4.14 April 2014 Momentum

3.18.14 Winter 2014 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation

2.26.14 Transition of BICWM executive director

2.10.14Jonathan Lloyd steps into newly-formed role of Director of Finance and Human Resources for BIC U.S.

1.20.14 Global Anabaptist Profile


11.27.13Celebrating the life of H. Frank Kipe

11.13.13November 2013 Momentum

11.13.13BICWM: BIC World Hunger Fund releases funds for cyclone relief in India

11.11.13General Conference Board identifies changes in direction for BIC U.S. structure and budget, seeks approval from GC 2012 delegates

9.9.13Summer 2013 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation

9.3.13September 2013 Momentum

8.29.13BIC U.S. finance team releases midyear financial summary

6.28.13June 2013 Momentum

6.26.13In Part garners third consecutive Award of Excellence

6.26.13BIC U.S. moderator Warren Hoffman offers a word of farewell

5.21.13BIC respond to tornadoes in Oklahoma

5.15.13Tribute: J. Wilmer Heisey's service spanned seven decades

4.9.13April 2013 Momentum

3.14.13Winter 2013 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation

2.26.13February 2013 Momentum

2.26.13Alan Robinson named national director of BIC U.S.

2.22.13Consultation on the Nature of Scripture a practice in communal discernment

2.18.13Download Q & A (pdf) with General Church leader elect Alan Robinson

2.11.13"Grandparenting" the next generation of church plants

2.3.13GCB elects new General Church leader, confirmation vote to come

1.31.13Update: General Church leader search

1.11.13January 2013 Momentum

1.10.13BIC Church of North America updates name and address

1.10.13Update: General Church leader search

1.3.13YouthQuest 2012 highlight video

1.3.13Fall 2012 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation


12.5.12December 2012 Momentum

12.3.12Three BIC ministries receive generous and timely gifts

11.27.12Update: General Church leader search

11.27.12Site of BIC founding receives historical marker

11.16.12BIC U.S. congregations proclaim “ultimate allegiance to Christ” on Election Day

11.7.12BIC affiliate releases report on peacemaking among Anabaptist-related Churches

11.5.12November 2012 Momentum

10.25.12Andrew Steckbeck serves as acting executive director of finance for General Church

10.25.12Storytelling tour highlights illegal gun trafficking

10.24.12STEP internship expands and 2012–2013 teams are commissioned

10.18.12Update: General Church leader search

9.24.12Update: General Church leader search

8.21.12Committee launches informational page on General Church leader search

7.26.12In Part garners second consecutive Award of Excellence from Evangelical Press Association

7.23.12Mennonite World Conference releases resources for Peace Sunday 2012

6.13.12Leaders announced for Atlantic, Southeast, and Susquehanna Regional Conferences

4.4.12BIC World Hunger fund mobilizes to address drought and hunger in Zimbabwe

3.28.12Winter 2012 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation

3.1.12Special Edition Momentum

2.16.12February 2012 Momentum

2.2.12Brethren in Christ celebrate the life of Dr. Donald R. Zook


12.28.11Fall 2011 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation

12.19.11Video: Moderator Warren Hoffman addresses issues facing the Church

12.19.11December 2011 Momentum

11.2.11BIC study group invites all constituents to take Name Survey

10.17.11Brethren in Christ celebrate the life of Dr. Fred Holland

9.29.11Summer 2011 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation

9.20.11BIC youth invited to participate in MCC Public Policy Essay Contest

8.19.11August 2011 Momentum

8.15.11London riots do not threaten BICWM team

7.21.11Malawi protests visible but do not pose a threat to BIC workers

6.27.11Spring 2011 Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation

6.22.11Roxbury Holiness Camp appoints new executive director

6.20.11June 2011 Momentum

6.2.11Download 2010 General Conference Minutes

5.25.11IN PART ranked number-one denominational magazine by Evangelical Press Association

5.12.11Follow the blog sharing news from the 2011 BIC World Missions Global Retreat

5.9.11Historical Society to host annual Heritage Service on June 5

5.4.11BIC World Missions sponsors Vision Trip to India and Nepal

5.3.11World Hunger Fund to channel resources to storm-ravaged U.S. South

4.13.11Update and resources for discussion on denominational name change

3.30.11BIC World Missions to convene first-ever retreat for all global workers

3.23.11BIC missionary family in Israel unharmed by nearby explosion

3.18.11Worship resources for Japan now available

3.14.11BIC in Japan safe, prayer and support needed

3.2.11New Transformation 2020 vision videos now available

3.2.11Ashland Theological Seminary to confer certificates on Directed Study Program graduates

1.31.11January 2011 Momentum

1.31.11Record numbers register for classes offered by Directed Studies Program

1.12.11One year later, BIC churches continue to support earthquake relief efforts in Haiti


12.13.10BIC mourns the loss of theologian and teacher Dr. Luke Keefer, Jr.

12.6.10World Hunger Fund grant helps families recover in wake of devastating flooding

11.15.10Zambian women take action against AIDS

9.7.10Joy Bochniak named executive director of finance for General Church

8.25.10BIC Foundation releases first funds from new Matching Grant Program

8.25.10Arlin Buckwalter appointed new denominational Bible quiz director

7.27.10Emergency assistance from World Hunger Fund aids flood-ravaged mission in Mexico

7.20.10World Hunger Fund grant enables BIC Church in Mozambique to distribute much-needed food

7.19.102010 Bible quizzing champs claim first title in 45 years

6.14.10Fire destroys 80 homes near BIC church plant in Colombia, indicates mounting violence

6.11.10Brethren in Christ Foundation appoints director of advancement

6.2.10Darrell Winger named director of Canadian Regional Conference

5.20.10BIC missionaries in Thailand safe, remain alert

5.14.10In Part magazine receives five honors from Evangelical Press Association

4.26.10BIC woman walks the "long road to residency" with would-be immigrants

4.15.10BIC church members hold vigil on Good Friday protesting gun violence

4.7.10Save the Date: Call for Prayer and Action for Colombia on April 18 & 19

3.24.10MCC update: Rebuilding Haiti for the future requires knowledge of its past

3.17.10BIC churches contribute more than $70,000 to Haiti relief

3.17.10Immigration seminar challenges leaders to consider issue from Christian perspective

2.1.10BIC World Hunger Fund acts to alleviate food crises in Malawi and Mozambique

2.1.10BIC World Hunger Fund supports recovery efforts in Haiti

1.18.10BIC volunteers return from Haiti

1.14.10BIC congregation in Colombia celebrates successful Christmas outreach

1.13.10BIC affiliate MCC responding to Haiti earthquake, welcomes donations

1.13.10BIC volunteers safe in Haiti

1.6.10BIC family survives attempted terrorist attack on Northwest airliner


12.22.09Changes ahead for BIC Pension Fund

12.21.09BIC Regional Conferences in Pa., to host immigration awareness seminar

12.18.09BIC Church grieves the loss of former General Conference Board chair

12.14.09International Anabaptist community mourns death of BIC Church leader from Cuba

12.11.09Colombian churches counteract gang violence, open new ministries to local children

10.29.09BIC Church in Colombia holds annual National BIC Unity Service

10.29.09Honduran families receive food aid through BIC World Hunger Fund grant

10.27.09October 2009 Momentum

10.20.09BIC church in Colombia faces violence in neighborhood

10.16.09BIC Church votes with National Association of Evangelicals on immigration reform

10.8.09Southeast churches gather for annual convention

10.2.09Peace advocates win battle against gun violence

9.30.09Government restrictions do not hinder BIC Church in Honduras

9.10.09BIC bishop from Zimbabwe to speak at Pa. events

8.24.09BIC Church mourns death of first medical missionary

8.11.09Carlisle pastor takes on part-time leadership development role

8.11.09Leadership transition announced for the Canadian Conference

8.11.09Int'l BIC leaders meet in Paraguay for third meeting of IBICA

7.28.09Update: Honduran BIC churches persevere despite political uncertainty

7.22.09Honduran BIC churches persevere despite political uncertainty

7.17.09Bishop of BIC Church in Zimbabwe assumes presidency of Mennonite World Conference

7.08.09First conviction handed down in 2008 Orissa violence

6.29.09Champs successfully defend title at 2009 Bible quizzing finals

6.23.09Update: More violence against Christians erupts in Orissa

6.12.09SPICE hostel rebuild completes first phase

6.10.09Update: MCC's "new wine" initiative

6.04.09Hopes for peace in Orissa

6.01.09Quizzers primed for denominational finals

5.29.09BIC peace advocate acquitted of misdemeanor charge

5.29.09Messiah Village chorus presents an evening of gospel hymns

4.03.09IBICA appoints international pastor/teacher

3.12.09Zimbabwean church leader visits BIC churches in U.S. to discuss challenges

3.10.09Schedule for 2009 BIC Sports Tournament released

3.02.09Limited resources do not diminish perseverance among Zimbabweans

2.24.09Expansion begins at Messiah Village retirement community in Mount Joy, Pa.

2.12.09Pathways Institute for Lifelong Learning offers seniors a diverse array of spring classes

2.11.09BIC leader in India killed by Hindu fundamentalists

2.11.09BIC World Hunger Fund contributes $55,000 to Zimbabwe hunger relief effort

2.04.09Continuing crisis in Zimbabwe spurs one BIC church to action

2.04.09Now available: General Conference 2008 minutes and updated Manual of Doctrine & Government

2.04.092008 Young Musicians' Scholarship recipients announced

2.03.09Destroyed SPICE hostel seeks support to rebuild

1.15.09Christine Sharp named Executive Director of BIC World Missions

1.15.09Bishop Nominee named for the Susquehanna Conference

1.09.09BIC affiliate MCC increases aid, advocacy for Gaza


12.10.08Stories of the worsening crisis in Zimbabwe

11.24.08Wardens give first-hand account of attack on SPICE hostel in India

11.24.08BIC traveler reports effects of flooding still felt in Bihar, India

11.18.08BIC Church in Orissa, India commemorates 25 years of ministry in the midst of persecution

11.18.08MCC and BIC Church provide food aid in Zimbabwe

11.18.08Atlantic Conference Church Growth Dinner focuses on "Impacting People, Changing Eternity"

11.11.08BIC representative in Zimbabwe reports that "life is just becoming too hard"

11.10.08BIC World Hunger Fund sends food money for flood and drought victims in Mozambique

11.10.08BIC Church of North America offers courses for Spanish-speaking ministry leaders

10.29.08BIC Board for World Missions appoints study group to discuss approach to Muslim ministry

10.09.08BIC Board for Media Ministries, Inc., announces changes in Evangel Press leadership

9.24.08Death toll in India reaches 2,400 due to flooding

9.24.08Leader from BIC Church in India reports on violence in Orissa

9.23.08International BIC Association holds meeting in Toronto

9.18.08BIC-affiliate MCC provides flood relief in India, but more is needed

9.15.08Zimbabwean leaders commit to peace and power-sharing

9.12.08BIC affiliates MCC and MDS respond to hurricane devastation

9.12.08YouthQuest, the BIC youth conference, opens for registration

9.12.08Brethren in Christ Church mourns death of Bishop Ken Letner

9.08.08Mosaix Conference on church diversity to be held on Nov. 15 in Lancaster, Pa.

9.08.08Situation in Zimbabwe worsening

9.08.08MDS readies response to Gustav

9.08.08Zimbabwean church leader brings news & wisdom

9.04.08Militants threaten BIC church leaders in Nepal

9.03.08Situation in Orissa "under control, but still tense"

9.02.08BIC World Hunger Fund provides opportunity to help flood victims in India

8.29.08A call to corporate prayer

8.28.08Singing Men of Messiah Village release first recording

8.28.08Roxbury Holiness Camp holds 2008 camp meeting

8.27.08SPICE hostel in India attacked

8.26.08Indian churches face renewed violence

8.26.08A "new era" for Zimbabwe?

8.11.08Annual Meeting of BIC Historical Society scheduled for September

8.04.08Zimbabwean bible school perseveres despite daily challenges

7.25.08Christian church leaders condemn sham election in Zimbabwe

7.30.08Annual Hymn Sign to be held at Ringgold

7.17.08Denominationally sponsored health insurance plan approved in principle for Brethren in Christ churches

7.13.08 Conference delegates challenged by Zimbabwe bishop

6.19.08 BIC area representative reports "situation in Zimbabwe is not improving"

6.12.08 Craig Sider accepts position with the Center for Servant Leadership

6.11.08 Ken Letner, bishop of Susquehanna Conference, continues treatment

5.22.08 June meetings provide health insurance rate quotes

5.02.08 Long wait taking toll in Zimbabwe

5.02.08 Annual Heritage Service to be held at Ringgold

4.16.08 Craig Sider serves as interim bishop of Susquehanna Conference

4.16.08 Tension Mounting in Zimbabwe

3.10.08 Photos document attacks on Christians in Orissa India

2.14.08 Christine Sharp named interim executive director of BIC World Missions

2.14.08 Messiah College invites church leaders to Chapel, Conversation, and Coffee

2.04.08 Airplane carrying Messiah group makes safe emergency landing

1.24.08 BIC churches in Orissa India under attack

1.21.08 Church responds to vandalism

1.21.08 Anabaptist Peace Conference in Washington, D.C. planned for April

1.9.08 BIC churches in Zimbabwe distribute MCC Aid

1.2.08 BIC travel to churches in Africa and India

1.2.08 Nancy Heisey leads Mennonite delegation to Vatican


12.14.07 Church Growth Dinners Feed the Funding Pool for Church Planting

12.10.07 Fire destroys Macha Vision Community Center

10.24.07 Nathan Yoder, Bishop Nominee for the Atlantic Conference

5.06.07 MDS on scene of Kansas tornadoes within hours

5.06.07Grantham BIC Church to host "Sioux City Sudan"

3.12.07BIC pastor promotes new approach to homosexuality

2.19.07Religious leaders travel to Iran to defuse tensions

2.01.07Zimbabwe bishop issues plea for his country

2.01.07Young leaders emerge at YouthQuest

2.08.072007 Peacemaker Conference: That We May Be One

1.26.07Zimbabwe: How you can help

1.26.07BIC leaders visit Louisiana to support communities recovering from hurricanes


12.22.06Tsunami survivors move into new homes

12.22.06Understanding Islam: An Initial Conversation (pdf)

11.17.06Pastors learn from the church in India and Nepal

11.08.06New book tells the story of the BIC Church in Africa

10.31.06Amish shooting: How you can help

10.31.06BIC pastor joins MMA's board of directors

8.1.06Addressing AIDS in Zambia

8.1.06Intern program at Grantham BIC Church featured in national publication

6.1.06Pastor Dale H. Engle passes away

5.1.06Southeast Conference elects new bishop

4.1.06Brotherhood Health Plan comes to an end

4.1.06Brethren in Christ bishop to lead Mennonite World Conference

4.1.06BIC Music Scholoarship winners announced

3.1.06New General Secretary nominee announced

3.1.06Cooperative Ministries goal met

3.1.06Former BIC pastor wins seat in Canadian parliament

1.1.06Intercessors Respond to Call for 24/7 Prayer

1.1.0627th Annual Lancaster Family History Conference


12.1.05Countering the Culture of More, an MMA Stewardship Conference

12.1.05Messiah College sports Christmas special on CBS

11.1.05New Pastors & Spouses Orientation 2005, with photo gallery

11.1.05Miami-area churches affected by Hurricane Wilma

11.1.05Messiah College sponsors a conference for youth workers

10.1.05Van accident involving teenagers from La Roca Firme BIC

10.1.05Pacific Lifeline Shelter reaches out to victims of Hurricane Katrina

10.1.05General Secretary transitions to a new role

8.1.05Mennonite Disaster Service reaches out to Katrina victims

8.1.05Hurricane Katrina's impact on BIC churches