October 2016

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Serving the least of these in Thailand
In America, more than 70% of the population identify as Christian. In Thailand, however, less than 1% make the same claim. And it's into this context that Silk W has chosen to dedicate her life and ministry. Since 2009, Silk has served with BIC U.S. World Missions, working alongside a team of church planters to share the Gospel with those living in rural villages in northeastern Thailand. Preparing to begin a new term of service, we met up with Silk to hear more about her ministry. Meet Silk W »

BIC U.S. releases $15,000 from Global Compassion Fund for food crisis in Mozambique
Last month, the BIC U.S. committed $15,000 from the Global Compassion Fund to fight hunger in Mozambique. According to a report by FEWS NET (Famine Early Warning Systems Network), a leading provider of early warning and analysis on acute food insecurity, much of Mozambique is currently experiencing a crisis-level food shortage, including areas with a BIC presence. Learn more »

Overview of leadership meetings
Last month, Leadership Council and General Conference Board met for their fall meetings. We are grateful for the work of the many individuals who serve on these various teams, and think it will serve the entire church well to provide a summary of the discussions and decisions made. Learn more »

Honor the Past: Build the Future
Having launched in July, the Honor the Past: Build the Future ministry campaign is officially underway. With the goal of raising $5 million between 2016-2021, this campaign seeks to address the BIC pension underfunding by raising $3.2 million, with an additional $1.8 million dedicated to growing the church through multiplication efforts. Consider joining us as we honor those who have gone before us while paving the way for future generations of the BIC. Learn more »

Growing Healthy Churches Network
Beginning this month, the Pacific and Midwest regional conferences will launch a new initiative dedicated to re-energizing pastors and congregations. Known as the Growing Healthy Churches Network, this initiative will be led by Bishop Perry Engle and will begin with 10 congregations - five from both the Pacific and Midwest regional conferences - with the sole purpose of making Christ's Great Commission central to the conferences' mission. Learn more »

Feedback for future General Assemblies
We're grateful for the thoughtful feedback we received from last month's survey regarding future General Assemblies. We wanted to share these insights, as they will be useful in planning future events which best serve the church. View survey results »

The new Commission for World Missions
Approved at General Conference 2016, the Board for World Missions has now become the Commission for World Missions. Tasked with advising and overseeing cross-cultural outreach for the BIC U.S., the group will consist of a minimum of five members nominated by the Director of BIC U.S. World Missions and approved by General Conference Board. The commission is scheduled to host its first official meeting January 10-11, 2017. Learn more »

Being Christian and a Citizen
"As this seemingly interminable election season winds down and those of us who vote finally cast our ballots on November 8, I hope we'll remember where our ultimate allegiance resides and that no matter what happens, God is in control." In the most recent issue of Shalom! A Journal for the Practice of Reconciliation, BIC pastors and leaders challenge us to continue seeking - and finding - Christ in the tension between being a Christian and an American citizen. Read more »

Opened Doors
In September 1975, the Vietnamese capital of Saigon fell to communist forces, effectively ending the Vietnam War. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese fled the country as refugees. Reflecting on our heritage of faith and with striking parallels to the current refugee crisis, historian Devin Manzullo-Thomas tells the story of one BIC family who opened their home to those in need in the years following the Vietnam War. Read more »

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