December 2016

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2017 Week of Prayer and Fasting
Join with congregations across the Brethren in Christ U.S. to pray, reflect, and seek God in the new year. January 1-8, we host our annual Week of Prayer and Fasting. Members of BIC U.S. Leadership Council have provided eight daily reflections on 2017's theme: revival. Connect subscribers will automatically receive daily emails with these devotional resources. Materials, provided in English and Spanish, are also available to read or print out online. View now »

Meet Jake and Nancy Shenk
Since they first set foot in Zimbabwe in 1958, Jacob and Nancy Shenk have devoted their lives to serving the people of Zimbabwe. With a ministry spanning nearly six decades, Jake and Nancy have witnessed the Zimbabwe BIC Church grow to become the largest national BIC Church in the world, nearly 50,000 members. We were honored to have a few minutes to catch up with Jake and Nancy, who have just returned to the United States for home ministry. Meet the Shenks »

This Christmas, Remember Missionaries in Secure Locations
At risk if they openly disclose their names or location, many of our missionaries proclaim Jesus in areas often hostile to the Good News. Because they can't publicly voice their stories, fundraising can be challenging. This Christmas, prayerfully consider giving to missionaries in secure locations. Your gift - directed to a general fund for missionaries in secure locations-will be distributed to the workers in greatest need. Donate now »

"Cooperative Ministries" Becomes "Common Ministries"
Leadership Council voted to change Cooperative Ministries' name to "Common Ministries" Wednesday, December 14, to realign the name with its original definition - as the ministries common to all congregations. Over time, many congregations saw what was formerly known as Cooperative Ministries as a revenue stream versus the collective ministries of the Church. In response, BIC U.S. presented an effort to reframe our collective ministries. Though a different title, our ministries remain the same. Learn more »

Discernment Tool for Pastors and Church Leaders in the New Year
Each of us is uniquely wired for ministry. Yet it's easy to forget how God has equipped us - our strengths, expertise, gifts, talents, and dreams. We're pleased to introduce the Ministry Path Workbook to help guide church leaders in discerning their unique gifts and ministry direction. These booklets will be mailed to every BIC U.S. congregation early 2017. If you aren't currently working at a BIC U.S. church but would like a copy of the booklet, contact us »

BIC U.S. Communications Welcomes New Team Member
BIC U.S. Communications is excited to welcome Anna Haggard to the position of editor as Scott McFadden transitions to a part-time role. We are grateful for the many ways Scott has served the Church during his time as editor and are excited for the strengths and experience Anna brings to the position. Read More »

Directed Study Program Spring 2017
Whether you're a volunteer leader, pastor, or someone simply wanting to expand your biblical knowledge-base, consider participating in the BIC U.S.' Directed Study Program (DSP). The DSP consists of email-delivered courses designed to be flexible, relational, practical, and affordable. For spring term 2017, which begins January 9 and runs until April 21, you may choose from 18 courses being offered in the areas of Bible, history, ministry, and theology. For further information and to register, click here »

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