Books by, for and about the Brethren in Christ

Curious to know more about the Brethren in Christ? The book list which follows features Brethren in Christ writers of the past 30 years with perspectives on the history, beliefs, values, and practices of the Brethren in Christ. Together they form a composite picture of the Brethren in Christ – what they have been and what they have become.

Quest for piety and obedience:  The story of the Brethren in Christ

Carlton O. Wittlinger

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A carefully researched history of the Brethren in Christ from their early beginnings up to the mid-1970’s.

Evangel Press, 1978
LCCN:  77-94894

Living our faith: Exploring Brethren in Christ beliefs

Harriet Sider Bicksler, Editor

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Essentially a study guide based on the Articles of Faith and Doctrine of the Brethren in Christ Church, written in language that people can readily understand and apply to daily living.

Evangel Publishing House, 2002
ISBN 1-928915-32-9

Focusing our faith: Brethren in Christ Core Values

Terry L. Brensinger, Editor

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Based on the recently identified ten core values of the Brethren in Christ, Focusing Our Faith carefully examines and explores the implications of each one.  The book serves as a valuable resource for personal or group study.

Evangel Publishing House, 2000
ISBN 1-928915-10-2

The Brethren in Christ and Biblical Interpretation

Renewal 2000 - Phase II Task Force

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The first four essays in this study guide are adaptations of presentations at a colloquium on hermeneutics sponsored by the Board of Ministry and Doctrine and the Board of Bishops of the Brethren in Christ Church, held at McMaster University in July 1986. The fifth essay was written especially for this study paper at the request of the Renewal 2000 Task Force.

Evangel Publishing House, 1990

Reflections on a heritage

E. Morris Sider, Editor

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Who are the Brethren in Christ?  The nineteen essays in this volume, written by both past and present church leaders, each in its own way, address the question.

Evangel Publishing House, 1999
ISBN 0-916035-97-2

The Framework of Our Faith: The Basics of Knowing Christ

Harold Burgess, Editor

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It is a readable statement of basic Wesleyan theology for laypersons seeking to find a structure for their faith.

Evangel Publishing House, 2005
ISBN 1-928915-76-0

A peace reader

E. Morris Sider and Luke Keefer, Jr., Editors

A practical resource for everyone who seeks to serve Jesus Christ, The Prince of Peace.  Drawn from the writings of leading Christian pacifists over the past century, it highlights various issues related to peace.

Evangel Publishing House, 2002
ISBN 1-928915-30-2

Within the perfection of Christ: Essays on peace and the nature of the church

Terry L. Brensinger and E. Morris Sider, Editors

A collection of essays on peace issues and the church’s role in promoting peace.  The essays are organized topically around instruction from the Scriptures; instruction from church history; and instruction for today.

Evangel Publishing House, 1990
ISBN 0-916035-37-9

We have this ministry: Pastorial theory and practice in the Brethren in Christ Church

E. Morris Sider, Editor

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A book published by the Board for Ministry and Doctrine to define and describe pastoral ministry as understood by the Brethren in Christ.

The Commission on Ministry and Doctrine, 1991, 2006
LCCN:  91-70070

Windows to the church

E. Morris Sider, Editor

Brings together in one volume selections from twenty-five years (1978-2003) of publication of Brethren in Christ History and Life, the journal of the Brethren in Christ Historical Society.

The Brethren in Christ Historical Society, 2003
LCCN:  2003102327

Titles by Brethren in Christ writers

Everything necessary: God’s provision for the holy life

Luke Keefer, Jr.

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Described as an introductory study of God’s grace at work in our lives, Everything Necessary represents a Brethren in Christ understanding of the call to holy living.

Evangel Press, 1984
ISBN 0-916035-12-3

The end of religion: An introduction to the subversive spirituality of Jesus  

Bruxy Cavey

In The End of Religion, Bruxey Cavey introduces spiritual seekers to the irreligious message of Jesus in a way that provokes thought and promotes action. He writes, “What Jesus came to establish was a subversive spirituality outside of the boundary markers of traditional religion, and in the process made religion itself obsolete.”

AGORA imprints, 2005
ISBN 0-9738843-0-4

It's a sign: Seeing Jesus in the ordinary

Timothy Fisher

By seeing Jesus through the lenses of first-century Judaism, this book explores seven signs that Jesus gave to those who were the first witnesses of his influence and power. Through studying these signs, says the author, we can see and experience Jesus in the ordinary of life today.

 Publish America, 2006
ISBN 1424155312

Overcoming giants of the heart

Ken Hepner

Based on the biblical story of David facing Goliath, Overcoming Giants of the Heart examines the towering issues that wreak havoc in the hearts of God’s children today and points the way to experiencing freedom from inner wounds that imprison us.

Winepress Publishing, 1998
ISBN 1-57921-141-0

You and God:  An invitation to radical living

Fred Miller

 Fred Miller invites you to engage in a love relationship with God.  He shows you how to live authentically from a center that is filled with God and let it spill out into
 every area of your life.  Designed to be a handbook for discipleship.

 Evangel Publishing House, 2006
ISBN 1-928915-89-2