Vital Signs - Church Health Initiatives

Mention the words “church health” and the conversation turns quickly to things like Sunday morning attendance, annual offerings, and conversions during the past year. And that’s not surprising. Numbers do matter. However, we believe congregational health goes well beyond the math. 

For the Brethren in Christ, congregational health is defined as the Spirit empowered functioning of church life as God intended it to be:


Alive – Healthy churches are places where people feel more and more alive in their relationships with God, each other, and the community around them. As followers of Christ, we have been made new, granted eternal life, and our churches should reflect the new life we have received.


Dynamic – In today’s noisy, information-packed world, congregations must compete for people’s time and attention. It is only with the dynamic of God’s love and power that congregations are able to break through the clutter of our day and become authentic biblical communities of faith.


Fruitful – We long for each church to produce and reproduce. What this looks like will differ from one congregation to the next, but every BIC church should bear fruit for the Kingdom, resulting in a great harvest of more and more and more people who’ve discovered faith in Jesus Christ.


Our goal

Congregational health doesn’t just happen. It takes intentionality, prayer, faithful planning, and rigorous evaluation. Leadership Council is committed to providing resources, assessments, and coaching to support Brethren in Christ churches in their pursuit of health.

Together, we can achieve the goal of 325 healthy Brethren in Christ churches, all marked by the distinguishing traits of passionate spirituality, inspiring worship, small group discipleship, active witness, loving relationships, empowering leadership, gift-oriented ministry, functional structures, and generous stewardship.

Why focus on church health?
Creating an environment that supports church health
Church health diagnostic kit
Resources for healthy churches