Church health diagnostics kit

Doctors do it every day— check patients against a commonly agreed upon standard of health. It can be helpful for leaders to look at a local congregation in the same manner. The role of leadership requires checking the pulse and taking intentional, inquiring looks at the heart of the church. 

Now it is possible for leaders in Brethren in Christ churches to assess the health of the congregation against an agreed upon standard of a well church.

Vital Signs Continuum (PDF)- The distance between totally healthy and not-so-well is surprisingly short, whether we are talking about personal health or that of congregations. The healthiest churches are ever vigilant and know the importance of frequent check ups and preventative “medicine.” The Vital Signs Continuum is a quick and easy tool for assessing congregational health against the standard of a well BIC church.

Vital Signs Checklist (PDF)- Does your church feel sluggish and a bit run-down? Has the pep gone out of congregational life? Churches that ignore important aspects of congregational health can grow weak and irrelevant. The Vital Signs Checklist focuses attention on the differences between a sick church and one that is healthy. Rate your church to determine its strengths and weaknesses.

Church health bookmark (PDF) - front | back (Also available in print upon request. Contact BIC Communications at

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