Creating an environment that supports church health

All church-wide ministry teams will seek to foster an environment in which Brethren in Christ congregations are encouraged to attain the Spirit-empowered functioning of church life as God intended it to be—alive, dynamic, and fruitful.


We will call the church to prayer by encouraging congregations to mobilize for two weeks of concentrated prayer each year: during the first full week in January in concert with all Brethren in Christ churches, and a second week at a time that best fits the ministry calendar and programming of each local congregation. In addition, we will recruit and encourage intercessors to pray around the clock, 365 days a year, for the life-changing grace of God to renew the church. Prayer resources »


We will foster a culture of excellence with high standards for pastors, congregations, and ministry initiatives. We will promote regular standards and outcome-based assessments for pastors, missionaries, and church leaders. We will identify areas in which bishops (and other church-wide ministry leaders) can be resourced for maximum impact. Leadership resources »

Missional Thrust

We will encourage pastors and congregations in an intentional focus on reaching their communities, engaging in holistic compassion, starting new churches, and partnering for global outreach.
BIC World Missions »


We will work with congregations to cultivate generous hearts that are eager to devote time, talent, and treasure to Kingdom advancement. We will invite 100 percent participation by congregations in BIC Cooperative Ministries, even as we seek to be flexible in providing ways for congregations to invest in their special ministry passion or priority. Stewardship resources »

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