Why focus on church health?

The Brethren in Christ Church can only be as healthy and effective as the majority of our local congregations. When a single congregation falters, the whole church suffers.

Although the majority of BIC churches are doing well, there are congregations that struggle with leadership issues, internal conflict, financial challenges, and declining attendance.

Healthy, happy pastors are crucial to healthy, happy congregations. However, an unhealthy, unhappy congregation can wear down and burn out even the most determined and optimistic pastor.

If the Brethren in Christ Church does not give attention to nurturing congregational health, we risk losing churches out the “back door” as fast as we can bring them in the “front door” as new church plants. It is not a matter of either/or—starting or sustaining churches. We must give attention to both emphases.

Strong, healthy congregations are necessary if we are to fulfill the tremendous vision to which God has called the North American Brethren in Christ Church, as articulated in our Impact 2010 ministry plan.

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