Evangelism resources

Global Evangelism resources

Brethren in Christ World Missions » The Brethren in Christ World Missions website offers information on how to get involved with missions opportunities at home and abroad, spreading the message of the Gospel to the world. Download the Partnership Handbook 2007 or visit the World Missions homepage for more information.

God Wants His Church to GROW by Bijoy Roul and Fred Holland » Fred Holland and his wife, Grace, served as BIC missionaries in the African nations of Zimbabwe and Zambia for 23 years. Bijoy Roul, currently the regional coordinator for BIC World Missions in south Asia, has worked in various evangelism roles for 25 years. In this book, the two men document their experiences and explain their method for bringing the Gospel message to people across the world. This book provides information for individuals trying to discern a call, as well as those who have chosen a life in missions and evangelism. To purchase this book, contact BIC World Missions at bicwm@messiah.edu. The cost is $12 (or $10 if picked up at the Grantham BIC offices).

Personal Evangelism resources

Holy Boldness: Practices of an Evangelistic Lifestyle by Paul Dekar » This book challenges its readers to view evangelism “as what ordinary people do daily in ordinary ways.” Working within the framework of the words of the prophet Micah—“What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God”—this book gives an overview of basic tenets of the Christian faith, encouraging its readers to view evangelism as a consistent lifestyle. Buy the book.

Evangelism resources for children

Training Parents to Evangelize Their Children » This publication, created and distributed by the Child Evangelism Fellowship, provides parents—whether in small groups or individually—with an introductory guide to sharing the love of Christ with their children. Download the guide (PDF).

Evangelism resources for teens

Reaching Generation Next by Lewis A. Drummond » This guide for leadership groups, small group leaders, or individual youth leaders combines an easy-to-understand analysis of the postmodern generation—who they are, what they believe, and why they believe it—and how to reach them with the message of the Gospel. The book also offers “sensible answers to skeptical questions” and study questions for groups. Buy the book.