Men's ministry resources

Young Male Spirituality Study » In this study by the Lutheran Men in Mission organization, Dr. Roland Martinson highlights key factors of the spiritual journeys of young men, from relationships and sports to career and volunteer service. Though the study does not offer helpful hints on how to employ these findings, the highlighted topics should serve as a jumping-off point for any men’s group, helping your ministry know what to emphasize and what to ignore. Download the study (PDF).

Fishing for Men » According to a recent study, men under the age of 30 are the least likely population group to participate in church life—a reality that is nearly identical on both sides of the Canada/U.S. border. Highlighting the new book Coming of Age: Exploring the Identity and Spirituality of Young Men, this article from our monthly newsletter Momentum identifies important ways of ministering to men in the local congregation. Read the article.

Journeymen: A spiritual guide for men (and for women who want to understand them) by Kent Ira Groff » In this book, Kent Ira Groff—founder of Oasis Ministries, a spiritual development organization, and acclaimed writer—writes with refreshing vulnerability about the spiritual needs of men. Rather than seeking “macho” Christianity, as other men’s ministry resources have popularly suggested in the past, Groff’s writing guides men into an understanding of what it means to be an man and a Christian. According to the publisher, the book provides “biblical examples, stories, prayer exercises, meditations, and reflection questions” for men who hope to find healing and encouragement in Christ. Buy the book.


Real Dads Ask for Directions » You’re driving down the interstate on your way to a family vacation and you suddenly realize that you’re lost. Although you pass gas station after gas station, you refuse to stop and ask for directions, thinking that you’ll eventually find your way. Sound familiar? In this sermon, Pastor Dale Shaw of the Pequea Brethren in Christ Church asks an important question for fathers: are you willing to ask for directions—not just while you’re driving down the highway, but as you’re journeying across the landscape of fatherhood as well. Listen to the sermon.

“ 'Will You Fix My Son?' And Other Gender Roles Perpetuated by the Church" by Jen Aren » In this article from Youthworker magazine—reprinted with permission on the Revolution Brethren in Christ Church website—urban youth mentor Jen Aren explores the gender stereotypes bred by culture at large and perpetuated by the church. Should all boys play sports and drive trucks? Should all girls go shopping and read fashion magazines? In her article, Aren challenges conventional thinking, asking us to debunk stereotypes, check our preconceptions at the door, and celebrate the diversity of God’s children. Read the article.