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The Brethren in Christ place a high value on life-change and relationships as lived out in small groups within the larger context of congregational life. Small groups encourage individuals to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Small groups are where men and women grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ as truth comes to life. Small groups are where newcomers to a church connect in authentic biblical community. And small groups are where Christ-followers serve each other and the communities around them. In short, lives are formed and transformed in small group settings as people meet together to pray, to study, and to engage in fellowship.

The following BIC-distinctive study guides are available free of charge and are useful for small groups, Sunday school classes, retreats, and personal study.

Inglorious Pastors
Waging peace in a world of war

In the 16th century, a renegade group of Christian leaders rebelled against their own religion. These dissenters called for the church to separate from the state and to reject all forms of violence. They waged their war with weapons of peace, and many died for their radical cause of calling Christians back to the way of Christ. Known as “Anabaptists”, they dared to think that Jesus should be taken seriously when He taught His followers to turn the other cheek, love their enemies, and do good to those who hate them. Join us as we learn practical lessons for how we live today—lessons from the teachings of Jesus, embodied in the lives of these Inglorious Pastors.

Produced by The Meeting House (Oakville, ON), this series includes seven 45-minute-long lessons, handouts, audio/podcasts, special feature interviews, and additional resources. View the series »

Women as Pastors cover

Women as pastors
The Brethren in Christ perspective

This 12-week, DVD- and discussion-based study examines the biblical foundation for the BIC stance that women may serve as pastors. Centered on the theme of story, the lessons draw from Old and New Testament readings, the BIC Church's historical journey, and real-life accounts from women pastors in the church family. Priced at $49.95, this curriculum comes with a discussion guide for leaders, a DVD of lessons taped at the 2010 Impact Seminar "Women as pastors" offered by the Equipping for Ministry team, and a CD with all materials related to the leaders guide, participant handouts, and activities.

Living Simply
A Core Value of the Brethren in Christ

This 12-week, DVD- and discussion-based study explores the attitudes and practices of living simply in our local communities, as well as biblical insight into the relationship between the material world and kingdom values. Priced at $49.95, this curriculum comes with a discussion guide for leaders, handouts for students, a DVD of lessons taped at the 2009 Impact Seminar offered by the Equipping for Ministry team, and a CD with all materials related to the leaders guide and participant handouts.

Living Simply cover

Living Simply

by Fred Miller

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This five-session study guide explores the biblical basis for living simply. Through Scripture and thoughtful questions for discussion, the study guide leads you through a process of clearing the clutter from your own life, freeing yourself up to give more time, love, and money to those who need it. This discipleship resource may be printed, copied and distributed free of charge.

Seeking Worship cover

Seeking Worship

by Brain McCann

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This four-session study guide focuses on building an understanding of what worship is and why we do it. Through Scripture readings and questions for discussion, this latest addition to a growing collection of BIC discipleship resources explores a variety of experiences—from public and private expressions of worship to preparing your heart for a lifestyle of worship. The study guide document can be printed, copied, and distributed free of charge.

Relying on God cover

Relying on God

by Rob Patterson and Jay McDermond

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The BIC core value of Relying on God states, "we confess our dependence on God for everything, and seek to deepen our intimacy with Him by living prayerfully." Adapted from an article by Bishop Rob Patterson and a chapter written by Jay E. McDermond in the book Focusing Our Faith: Brethren in Christ Core Values, this five-session study is a wonderful tool for learning to hear God's voice through a series of practical exercises.

God talks cover

God Talks | for teens

by Brian McCann

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The first BIC study guide designed exclusively for teens, God Talks is perfect for youth groups, Sunday school classes, and individuals who would like to make prayer a priority in their daily lives. Written by Brian McCann, the former pastor-in-residence at Grantham (Pa.) BIC Church, God Talks is filled to the brim with practical suggestions and prayer techniques that are sure to enrich youths' conversations with God. This study guide contains four sessions.

Making peace with your family

by Glenn Robitaille, certified pastoral counselor, CMFT

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It’s one thing to acknowledge there’s conflict in your family. It’s quite another to follow Christ’s example of peacemaking in your daily interactions. Glenn Robitaille leads participants through a discussion of what the Bible has to say about living at peace with one another. Zooming in on Romans and James, this four-session guide is the perfect way to hold up your interpersonal relationships to the light of Scripture.

Reality faith: Risking it all to serve God

by Brian McCann 

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Some people will do anything as long as they’re on camera. No risk is too high, and no action is too bold for them as they race around the world, vie for attention, or accept dares—all with a specific outcome or prize in mind. As Christians, we are striving for the ultimate prize, but how much are we willing to risk for our faith? Brian McCann’s four-session study guide provides small groups and individuals with biblical wisdom on living boldly and unashamedly for Christ.

The Da Vinci Code: Theology & Themes

by Timothy W. Fisher, senior pastor, Walkersville (Md.) BIC Church

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Divided into four sessions, this in-depth study takes readers on a Biblical journey to uncover the basis of our beliefs about the divinity of Christ, the person of Mary Magdalene, the singleness of the historical Jesus, and the inspiration and development of the New Testament canon—all issues challenged by the bestselling book The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Using excerpts of dialogue from the novel and thoughtfully selected Scripture passages, Fisher draws a significant contrast between Brown’s historical fiction and the truth of the Bible.

Living in God’s Abundant Grace

Sabbath as a source for an abundant life
by Rolf Jacobsen

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An accompaniment to “In Search of the Sabbath,” a feature article by Valerie Weaver-Zercher, this study guide encourages believers to go beyond legalistic and self-centered forms of Sabbath-keeping. Jacobsen explores the Sabbath in the context of the Levitical concepts of justice and jubilee, helping readers to see the Sabbath as a vehicle for God’s grace. Although this guide is made up of three sessions, groups in particular are likely to find that it takes longer than three sessions to complete.

Second Callings

Retirement and vocation from a biblical perspective
by Peggy Mumper

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As baby boomers near retirement, the members of North America’s largest generation are beginning to think about how they should spend their post-career days. This four-session study, drawing on the experiences of the individuals profiled in the “Second Callings” article in our denominational magazine, guides groups and individuals through issues such as the role of older people in the Church; finding a post-career vocation; the effect aging has or does not have on one’s relationship with God; retirees’ responsibility to the Church; staying involved while allowing younger generations to assume leadership roles; and more.