The church treasurer’s ministry

The work of the church treasurer is sometimes not recognized as a ministry because it is done behind the scenes. But be assured, your work is ministry—and a vital one at that. When it comes to church’s finances, everything needs to be above board, transparent, and in compliance with the law.

The treasurer is the chief financial officer of the local church and is one of at least two people who have direct responsibility for the congregation’s funds and finances. The job description of the treasurer for a congregation is usually stated in the church’s by-laws and most often, includes the following statements of expectations.

The treasurer

  • Serves as financial officer of the congregation
  • Is responsible for payment of all bills, invoices, and charges
  • Performs or oversees all of the bookkeeping functions
  • Prepares the monthly (or quarterly) financial reports for the church council
  • Files required tax forms (local, state/provincial, and national)
  • Monitors the cash position of the church and invests available funds as directed
  • Is empowered to borrow funds as directed by the church council
  • Provides the congregation with any requested financial information
  • Assists in the preparation of the annual budget for the church council

Resources for treasurers in U.S. churches