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Brethren in Christ pension fund

For information about how to enroll your pastor and/or other church employees in the Brethren in Christ pension fund, contact Juanita Rex at 717-796-4788 or by email at

Frequently asked questions

The responses to the following frequently asked questions are based on our best research and the wise counsel of professionals in the field. However, we strongly encourage congregational leaders to be in regular conversation with a professional tax preparer and/or accountant.

Are there best practices for how church funds should be handled? 

What does the IRS have to say about gifts to a local church?

What’s this thing called “pastor’s housing allowance?”

What are the payroll tax obligations for a church?

Do I need to file a W-2 form for the pastor?

How do ministers pay Social Security?

How should we handle employee out-of-pocket expenses?

What’s the current standard mileage rate?

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