Our story

Approaching 1900, the only BIC congregations were in North America. There was yet to be a vision for reaching "the ends of the earth" and no BIC missions agency existed. All of this changed dramatically as God began revealing his heart for the unreached.

A bold plea from thirty-seven year-old Rhoda Lee at General Conference 1894 opened the way for Brethren in Christ global outreach. And a first gift of $5 – given in faith by Jacob Stauffer – started the Brethren in Christ on a journey to the nations.

By 1990, 212 years into our denomination’s history, the BIC outside North America had grown to 20,000 worshipers. In the past 20 years, this number has multiplied exponentially to approximately 140,000. Today, 75% of BIC congregations are outside North America.