BICWM Partnership Handbook

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Bibles and Evangelism Supplies

Annual Budget: $2,200
(effective March 7, 2019)

Remaining Need: $2,200
(as of October 31, 2019)

Short Summary

The purpose of this project is to provide Bibles and evangelism materials for anyone who will use them for spiritual growth. 


 Although Spain is considered a Catholic country, the reality is that most people have no idea what the Bible teaches. Many people are completely ignorant to the truths contained in the Bible. This project hopes to close the enormous gap of biblical illiteracy that exists in Spain.

Ministry Goals

Our goal is for every member of our church to be able to distribute Bibles for free to people with whom they are sharing the gospel, as well as provide Our Daily Bread devotional books to friends and family. The long-term goal is to see the church grow and people mature in their knowledge of the Scriptures and their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Project Plan

The person assigned to the library will be the person who distrubutes the Bibles to new believers or seekers. This will be done upon the request of a visitor, the new believer or a house group leader on behalf of one of its new members.