BIC World Hunger Fund releases funds for cyclone relief in India

—The effects of Cyclone Phailin are still evident today, nearly a month after its appearance in the Andaman Sea, where it gained force as it traveled along the Bay of Bengal. The massive storm, which reached the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane, launched India into one of its largest evacuation responses, moving nearly 500,000 people into shelter. Due to this action, statistics in Phailin’s aftermath show that the death toll, estimated around 20, is a fraction of the last time a similarly-sized storm hit in the 1990s and claimed the lives of over 10,000 people.

While celebrating the preservation of life, Brethren in Christ believers in India report that the storm still caused significant damage to infrastructure. BIC churches and SPICE hostels were affected. Immediately following the storm, Bijoy Roul, BIC Regional Coordinator, reported lost property, scattered livestock, blocked roads and power outages, along with damage to communication services. Describing the impact on BIC congregations and families, Roul wrote, “Several BIC churches have collapsed and a few church roofs have blown away.” He also shared statistics of over 1,300 BIC families affected, including damage to 653 houses and 68 BIC churches.

On October 28, $15,000 was disbursed from BIC World Hunger Fund to aid BIC recovery efforts in Odisha. Brethren in Christ in the U.S. are invited to respond by contributing to the BIC World Hunger Fund. Donations given to World Hunger Fund help to replenish funds that were distributed at the time of a crisis.

For information on the Fund, or to make a donation, visit the BIC World Hunger Fund online.