Covenant Missionary

For covenant missionaries, BICWM is not the primary employer. These are full-time missionaries serving with another organization or seconded to BICWM by their primary employer. BICWM provides limited administrative support and may provide some financial support.

Assignment must be for a minimum of two (2) years working with least-reached peoples with a mission agency duly recognized by a body such as Missio-Nexus or with specific approval from the Board for World Missions. The assignment must fit the strategic global priorities of BICWM and be in a field where BICWM has no present ministry or in a ministry where the BICWM has no current available opening.

BICWM will receipt and forward support donations received from BIC donors to the primary employer on a quarterly basis.

A limited home ministry is required at the end of each term and will be defined in the Ministry Agreement.

Any benefits will be negotiable subject to the approval of the Administrative Cabinet.

A covenant missionary is required to:

  • Complete a shortened form of the MDP or the primary employer's comparable training program
  • Be a member in good standing of a BIC congregation before approval for service