Full-Time Missionary

Full-time missionaries have the closest relationship to BICWM of all the categories. BICWM acts as the primary employer and provides both administrative and financial support as specified by the respective funding model. Employment begins when fifty percent (50%) of the full 1st term funds to be raised by the missionary is committed and four (4) months of annual support has been received.

A full-time missionary can have any of the following funding models:

  • Fully-Supported (legacy funding model closed to new applicants)
  • Team-Based
  • Self-Supported

For a full-time missionary who is under the team-based funding model, at least a three-year introductory term is required, while a self-supported full-time missionary's term is negotiable subject to approval of the Administrative Cabinet. At the end of each term, a full-time missionary will serve in a period of home ministry.

Full-time missionaries are eligible to receive full benefits (medical, retirement, and resettlement).

A full-time missionary is required to:

  • Complete the MDP
  • Be a member in good standing of a BIC congregation before approval for service