Principles of Ministry

Members of the BICWM team will be committed to:

  • The Lordship of Jesus Christ and the authority of Scripture.
  • Active participation in a local congregation in the place of service.
  • Adaptability to different cultural and social environments.
  • Sensitivity to local believers regarding dress codes and standards of living.
  • Emotional, social, and spiritual growth.
  • A life-style based on biblical teaching.
  • Understanding sexuality as God's gift to humankind, and Christian marriage and Christian celibacy as gifts for the good of the individual, the church, and the world; refraining from homosexual, premarital, extramarital and any other destructive attachment and/or sexual behavior.
  • Refraining from the use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, non-medicinal drugs and other destructive behaviors.
  • Exercising sensitivity to local believers regarding the use of wine in communion services and/or on limited special occasions.