Seconded Missionary

A seconded missionary works as a part of BICWM ministry, but may or may not be a member of the BIC Church. Seconded missionaries who are not members of the BIC Church must affirm the Core Values of the BIC Church in the U.S., and agree to submit themselves fully to BICWM policies and administration.

Candidates for a secondment relationship are missionaries employed by another mission agency duly recognized by a body such as Missio-Nexus or with specific approval from the Board for World Missions and would like to serve with BICWM in a post that is strategic to the mission and vision of BICWM. All arrangements regarding the acceptance of a candidate into a secondment relationship with BICWM will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Executive Director in consultation with the Board for World Missions and the Regional Administrator for the intended area of service.

The terms of any ministry agreement for a seconded missionary must be agreed upon in writing by both the sending organization and BICWM. Neither organization may change the agreement without the consent of all parties involved. Missionaries seconded to BICWM from another organization may be asked to speak at BIC churches or events.

BICWM does not provide any financial support or benefits to seconded missionaries.

A seconded missionary is not required to complete the MDP, but it or another organization's equivalent is recommended.