Go with us...

While Short-term missions places us in another culture for only a short time, the effects can be long-lasting for all involved. The aim of effective short-term missions is to maximize God-glorifying, long-term impact. Sending a short-term missions team helps congregations and individual believers strengthen global vision and live out their calling in the world. Those who send, those who go, and those we connect with all benefit.

Planning a short-term trip?

At Brethren in Christ World Missions, we are aware that a lot of our BIC churches across the US plan and lead short-term service trips for members of their congregations. A lot of people like to travel, see new sights, experience new things and cultures. But, the question is: Are these trips being done well, to bring good and not harm?

BICWM is here for you and your church as a resource to help to do these trips in a healthy manner that will benefit you, the North American group, as well as the nationals in the country. A successful trip is more than constructing a wall, or conducting a Bible school, or sightseeing in another country. We need to get away from "religious tourism." At BICWM, we strive for Christ-centered and effective missions strategies, partnerships and stewardships. We aim to follow the Seven Standards of Excellence in short-term trips:

  1. God-centeredness
  2. Empowering partnerships
  3. Mutual design
  4. Comprehensive administration
  5. Qualified leadership
  6. Appropriate training
  7. Thorough follow-through

Vicky Landis, Mobilization Administrator at BICWM, is available to come to your church and work with you and your team by providing training as you prepare to go. Resources are available to you to help with this planning. There is also a short-term trip manual available to you here.

Vicky is also available to work with your team after you return from your trip. You will experience many different things and emotions while you are in another country. Vicky will help you and your team to process these in a healthy way through sharing and various team-building exercises.

If your church has a group of young people who are interested in serving, but some parents are hesitant, Vicky is also willing and available to come and meet with groups of parents to talk through some expectations and fears as they consider their teen joining a cross-cultural trip.

Your church can do a Christ-honoring trip of learning and of respecting the local people. We can partner with you! Contact Vicky Landis at vlandis@bic-church.org or 717-697-2634, ext. 5407.